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Plug in or turn on your webcam, and record yourself for 2 hours. Then go to a random spot in the video and watch yourself. Instant blackpill on how retarded I looked at all times.
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>tfw no bottomless fembot wife to come home to after work for kitchen sex and good cooking

Fembots, pls, what a robot gotta do to make you my stay-at-home wife? I will get a job, climb the corporate ladder, and wageslave for you. Be my fembot wife. Give me purpose.
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Does anyone else feel the same way?

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I feel that I fucked up my social life and its past the point of no return in the city I live in. All my highschool friends view me as that "lonely weirdo" and ive managed to fuck up other relationships. People tell me to be more sociable and "go out" but I feel that theres no use to it as i feel awkward enough in my current city. Ive convinced my parents that Ill go to a university far away so I can restart with a blank slate and try to ascend
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letter thread

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write to them with initials <3
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Why does it seem like /r9k/ is the most anti-loli board? even more so than /pol/
It just kinda seems weird for the board of the rejects of society to hate the biggest rejects of all

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what do girls bedrooms look like?
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>Stable living situation
>Loving parents
>Fathers approvle
>Good grades
>Good job doing what I love
>Side hustle finally bringing in money
>Still have a looming feeling of dread hanging over me all the time
What gives bros?

Boobs for reading this dumb post.

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Are you interesting anon ? What do you think about yourself
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The board's awful slow tonight, it seems all the well adjusted people are out enjoying their weekend.
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