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>be me
>have nice hands, apparently
>to the point that multiple girls have fixated on them
Why do I keep autistically ignoring the hints? Pic related

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What's the last thing you've been shocked by?

>t. Sent a fucked up video with my crush's dead mom and a bunch of gore cut to her favorite album during a mental breakdown
>sent to a mental hospital for this and just realized how bad that was
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>blocked nose
I believe I have covid. I am unvaccinated (Never getting the clot shot get at me). I will get over this in a few days and report back. Covid is bullshit, don't get the vaccine. If you aren't a fucking geriatric or a baby there's no reason to get a vaccine, let alone this monstrosity they would thrust upon us.

My female roommate is masturbating and moaning right now

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FOids are fucking horrible. I hate them so much.
I share a flat with one. SHe has a room next to me (and another guy has a room to the other side of my room).
My bed is literally next to the wall to her room and her bed is next to the same wall.
The wall is paper thin, she already told me once she hears me when I snore (even though I do it at low volume) and farting (lol).
She knows I can hear it. SHe is torturing me because she knows I am an incel and that I am ugly and have no chances with her.


I'll be definately telling her that tomorrow (in a non spergy way).
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i watched arcane today and this show is really good but why is there barely any fanart of powder

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Every robot always points to Patrick Bateman or Tyler Durden or Ryan Gosling as the man who "is literally me" but in reality pic related is who they all really are.

This is the capital T Truth.

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(im in uni) what do people mean by "we're not in highschool anymore" Is it supposed to mean were all equals and mature now? Am i just supposed to suddenly forget that the chads constantly made fun and talked shit? forget that the stacys didnt want anything to do with me? Im supposed to act like none of that happened? Whats changed except the passage of time? it doesnt make any sense to me. I cant get myself to interact with any of them, its like trying to be friends with your abuser.
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>learn song on guitar
>perform for mom for validation
>she doesn't even look at me, just mumbles some shit
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