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Do you care that white people are going extinct?
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The hero we need edition.

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>set my name to "dick sucker" on grindr
>use some dark crystal shit as my pfp
>respond to every guy who messages me
>try to get him to talk a little bit make sure he's not fat or insane
>chat with him about blowjobs and hooking up
>share a pic once ive seen his if he's chill
>tell him i want to suck his dick
>invite him over and have a panic attack while i wait
>answer the door like "hey hahaha" awkward as fuck
>let him sit down and immediately start rubbing his dick through his pants
>feel him pulsating and getting hard
>start pulling at his belt so he gets up and takes them off
>immediately deepthroat him down to his balls
>up for a tiny sip of air and back down again
>do some glurk glurk shit just want him to cum really bad
>deepthroat him like a complete faggot while he nuts
>tell him "thanks" and let him leave
>jerk off and chat with more guys
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All women need to have breasts like this.
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Would you rather

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Would you rather have
>the body and the face and the behavior of a Chad, but a tiny tiny micropenis
>the body and face and behavior of an incel, but a long and thick cock that makes women cum multiple times easily

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I always see threads about how women love height. Height this, height that. 6 foot 5 etc etc...but I love manlets. When I go into a thread that requires you to list height, and I see a male who's my height or less, I feel happy. I hope they find loving gf's who also love short men.
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Lulworth Cove, Dorset edition
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Would you date the official class butt crack girl?

Sealanon here back with an update

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Maybe a few of you will recognise picrel. I posted here a bit over a month ago about how I'd asked out a girl and she essentially said 'no', "I think we should get to know each other in a group context first". I had dinner at her place a week prior by invite of her parents.
It feels like it's been a year since then. I've been having lunches and dinners at her place with her and her family a couple of times a week since then and a week ago I asked her out again. She said yes. It's a wonderful feeling. Slow and steady is the name of the game but she's a lovely girl and I'm really enjoying spending time with her. Wasn't sure I'd post back here but maybe it'll be of some encouragement. Just ask bro. What've you got to lose