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Help redpilling my grandma on christianity?

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Jannies banned me on /pol/ for off-topic >>391332420 So I have no other choice but to get some advice here

anyways, I'll be needing some of your best redpills refuting Christian magical sky daddy kike on a stick beliefs.

Alright, so for starters, My Grandma is living here with me and my family for a month.

I never knew much about her or anything growing up but I found out she's a massive Cuckolick (Catholic) god-loving fangirl. As of recently, I've been learning how much religion was subversive and destructive bullshit over mythical fairy tales, I've tried confronting her about it and presenting my arguments but even that isn't enough. I then went onto explaining all of the extremely fucked up and morally repulsive garbage in the bible and she keeps coming up with some cope and making arguments with absolutely zero substance to them, She's exactly like this video i found:

I'm actually THIS close to redpilling her about christcuckery but this is as far my knowledge goes so I'll be needing more information.

Feel free to drop a whole lot of Redpills about christianity being contradictory and destructive (preferably with sources)
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Americans are obsessed with Chinese food. According to the Chinese American Restaurant Association, the US is currently home to more than 40000 Chinese restaurants. This number is greater than all the McDonalds, KFCs, and Wendys in the US combined.
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yt girls are slowly begging more for asian cock and theres nothing you can do about it

what are you doing pinkies?
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Recognizable Posters Thread

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Provide a brief description of frequent posters that you recognize

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hiii /r9k/... i'm a lonely 19-year-old student studying biology in Canada and desu i've been kinda bored lately. my hobbies include reading, makeup, anime, and art. i'm kinda what you would consider a "weirdo" as i don't really have a lot of friends... anyway i'm just asking you guys to tell me about yourselves so that maybe i can make some friends on here. thanks :3

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realistically, if you were to approach a girl, this wouldn't be your first pick right?

I think my "fashion style" qualifies me a voluntary celibate
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Namefag appreciation thread.
Entj is a pretty cool guy. Who is your favorite?

Slavic girls are the way out for incels.

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>be me
>19, overweight, pasty irish/anglo skin, 5'9"
>friend says go to Ukraine
>finds picrel on telegram
>we meet and the first night we fuck
>she still texts me and waits for me to come back
If I can do it, you can too.
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Weeb culture is the worst thing to ever happen to humanity.

>Have the same personality of a wet cardboard
>Struggle to find people to share interests with
>Only ever talk about animes and always throw random japanese words to sound 'cool'

Yeah fuck weebs and fuck this retarded culture, I hope every single weeb on the planet is found dead while masturbating to their waifu

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Is it ok to sing in a karaoke bar if I can't really sing? Will the normies boo me out or something?