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/omega general/ Come roast me edition

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Title explains it all, heres some of my recent cringe posting, feel free to roast me and make yourself feel better. Im done with this universe anyway

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Drunk Girl Booba
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Hi I have somthing to say.

somehow prevented my friend from literally killing himself

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>Be me
>Active on discord
>Have this friend with a shit ton of mental issues
>One day he dms me telling me he's seriously gonna fucking kill himself
>I try to talk him out of it
>Tell him to think about his girlfriend, his friends, everyone he knows
>MFW he thinks im guilt tripping him
>I assure him I'm not and that I'm just tryna help
>Tell him to call a suicide prevention lifeline
>He agrees
>He calls them
>He's still online a couple days later
>Tells me he's a bit better but still self harming, that's fine, atleast he's not dead
>Also talk him out of self harming somehow
MFW I'm literally a virtual therapist, and that I might've actually saved a life
pic unrel
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Is it too late to save him?
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/r9gay/ - #1512

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got bored of waiting for the new edition
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Anyone else been abandoned by their girlfriend/boyfriend or whatever this past year or even longer than that? How do you even cope with this shit? How long does the grief cycle last
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I have a disproportionately large penis. My tiny manlet body and mediocre sized balls only make it look bigger than what it already is. I can't match with equally short womanlets, because I'm simply not going to fit.
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hows it going bros? back after a quickk nap

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hi anons what do you think of the fact that my pp is 4 inches long?
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