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is there a better pop album by a major pop star?
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What's your take on girls wearing band shirts even tho they don't listen to the band or just know them for 1 song? I heard as long as she got the shirt as a present she can wear it without having to worry about people harassing her what her favorite songs are.
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Everything that ruined metal is documented in this one album. This album paints a picture of AC/DC shirt wearing pickup truck drivers heading to the meth house after swigging too much malt liquor while watching a marathon of Maury and Dog the Bounty Hunter. It's this single piece of drunken bafoonery that sapped all the creativity out of metal by showing people that they too can make money by playing groove based rock with faux-aggressive vocals and throwing pot leaf designs on t-shirts. It is the prototype for Korn.

Lyrically, everything that's wrong about metal now is found here. Phil Anselmo in all his heroin addled wisdom thought that, instead of coming up with something interesting to talk about, the mundane themes about the "tough street life" would resonate more with the hip-hop culture of mainstream America and, unfortunately, he was right. This was one of the key elements that were needed to allow angry suburban youth and meth head trailer park dwellers to relate with the stupidity of Pantera. All of these things are best exemplified in the after school special-isms of Walk and the cheap emotional appeals of This Love and Hollow. The f-bomb abuse suggests not a lot of time was spent on them, and feels more like something the Wu-Tang Clan would have come up with. The change to a more "urban" appearance in promo pics suggest about as much. These lyrics would make bands in the future reduce themselves to writing about mundane topics (the hood, street life) and shouting a bunch of disdainful words that mean nothing. It's just vague anger to "get people through a bad day", like the hip-hop or radio rock songs of the day.

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I'm not good at chords but I am good at one-note melodies. Does this mean that I should play bass? What can I do about it?
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General /mu/ images this time instead of strictly album covers


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Why isn't he a meme like Scaruffi and Christgau?
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