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/gg/ - guitar & base general

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Teh multi-instrumentalist Kin/gg/™ of /gg/ edition part IIII

Beginner information and FAQ:

Music Theory:

Guitar chords and inversions

String Tension Calculator (D'Addario based):

Steve Vai's Ten Hour Workout
Guthrie Govan's Creative Guitar 1 & 2

Impulse Response Pack

Free VST downloads (amps and effects simulators):

ASIO drivers (essential to use VSTs while playing):

JACK Tutorial for Linux audio production

>Advancing Guitarist Mick Goodrick

>Chord Chemistry - Ted Greene

>Mickey Baker's Jazz Guitar
>Modern Chord Progressions: Jazz and Classical Voicings for Guitar - Ted Greene
>Jazz Guitar: Single Note Soloing Vol. 1 & 2- Ted Greene
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Eat Em And Smile [Warner Bros. EP, 1985]
As someone of more culture than the average Van Halen fan, it didn't impress me to hear him cover the Beach Boys and the Lovin' Spoonful, and "Just a Gigolo" just irritated me, reaffirming my earlier suspicion that he chose heavy metal because Vegas wouldn't have him, even though Vegas is exactly where he'll end up if this solo bid stiffs. But "Mean Streets" and its accompanying music video's panoply of grotesque caricatures is positively tonic in this bland musical moment. This is an adequate soundtrack. B-
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Post your charts, give recs and don't lazypost.
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Silence isn't music and I'm tired of the 4'33"-pseuds pretending it is. If you're in a quiet room and you go and ask someone what they think of the music that's playing they'll think you have brain damage. Music needs to have content that isn't lack of content.
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Real image. What the fuck.
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Why is he often the most beloved member in the group when he was the most childish and selfish one from the bunch? He hated Paul's guts for trying to lead the band after Epstein died and peer pressured Ringo into turning into a drug user. What the fuck?
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