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What music genre do normal real men listen to in 2022?
>alt rock/indie = teen girls
>rap = preteen boys from broken homes
>pop = gay men, women
>rock/metal = spergs and dads in their fifties. The most vomit-inducing group.
>classical = pretentious 70 year olds
>jazz = no one, some spergs that play cringe instruments
>kpop = men in the incel-to-troon pipeline and nerdy girls
>nighcore = dumbfuck spergs
I just want to listen to normal music I won't be judged for. Every time someone asks me what music I listen to I black out.
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Post yfw Glass Museum by Tortoise comes on

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>Björk has officially broken up with her now ex-boyfriend, chef Alexander Jallow

What does this mean for music?
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RIP Olivia Newton-John

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>Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John dies aged 73
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they were fucking 21

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can you all stop jerking off to this cringefest written by drunk kids?

when will you grow up? read those cringy lyrics bro


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Friends, family and hardcore edition
OLD: >>112081411
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-stooly and pedofat competing in the midge olympics
-tooly = fat, teenage tooly = not fat. what happened?
-so don't be vain, and don't be whiney, or else my brother imma have to get medieval on your hiney!
-I Lover
->>112060229 YAES?
-i'd du 'a

1) Don't worry, it's just fiction.
2) We just talk about pop music and flirt with each other.
3) We don't hate pop stars. We just hate the posters.
4) "Swifties" are Tayzos
5) I love her!
6) We engage in a moderate amount of tomfoolery.
7) Everyone is gay on /wpop/, even the straights.
8) /wpop/ has found no link between itself and making shit threads.
9) Shitpost responsibly.
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