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welp, this sucked. never taking music recommendations from /mu/ again
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>If you’re putting on music and you’re just listening to it in the background, or all you like is the melody, or all you like is the lyrics and that’s all you’re really paying attention to, then you’re not really listening that deeply into the song or the piece of music that you have on, and if you’re not trying to listen in and get those deeper flavors and deeper meanings and understandings from the music that you’re listening to, then maybe I would say that your taste is bad or your taste is just cursory.
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Should we ban rap music?

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>Mogs any Nirvana, Soundgarden, or Alice in chains album
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Is there another pop culture figure that is more universally recognized than picrel?
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grindcore is green edition
old: >>112240962
go FAQ yourself
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