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ITT: Post your favorite album and why you browse /mu/

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Pic related and for a good laugh

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>Smack my bitch up!
How did he get away with it?
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chart thread
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ITT: Poorly describe a discography and other anons guess the artist

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>le edgy bad girl 80s icon
>le super horny girl 80s icon
>it's still horny but has daddy issues now
>now she wants to be a feminist icon
>nevermind she's hornier than ever now
>at least she is more sutile about it
>she finally found God once again and turned into a prude
>now she's making country and somehow it worked?
>And this kids, is why you don't let vapid celebrities talk about real world issues, they think they know better and instead they brag about sóy lattes and shit
>hey, this has that one song
>hey, this has that other song
>hey this has... nothing
>remember that time when she tried to pull a comeback by been friends with the only popstars on earth who were more pretentious than her and nobody cared?
>Oh... she's still making music?
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About to do a Magic Mushroom Cookies Trip.
Any tipps for good Music.
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I can’t fucking take it

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I can’t sleep at night knowing he got shot dead 2 years ago. He woulda changed the game by now. It’s not fair. Why do the 20s have to suck this fucking much??
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The Pet Sounds of 2012

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How is she these days?
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Roughly, how many words can you clearly make out on this album?
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