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Out of thousands upon thousands of albums I've listened to, I have maybe about 15 that are my absolute favorites. But this, this is the only perfect album I've ever listened to. Perfect instrumentation, perfect lyrics, perfect overall atmosphere. The only album for which I can say that there's not a single bad or mediocre song on it.

What's your opinion on Nocturne?
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does /mu/ like country?

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Why does he sound so sloppy live?
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bandcamp shill thread

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s h i l l
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why is Dave sad?
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Holy shit bros I am just here to say that if you haven't heard the full eight-minute version of Ann by the Stooges, you've been missing out of what is unequivocally the greatest track they've ever recorded. I do not know why for the life of me they cut it down to a measly three minutes, with the full version the pure fuzzgasm is allowed to shine in all of its uninhibited psychedelic glory. This is one of the greatest rock songs of all time. Fuck record execs.


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Matthew Zazueta edition
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AMAZING album holy SHIT
Argentina bros!