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Congratulate minju on 1000 days of Mucore!
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Who would win in a fist fight?

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any oldfags here remember when they used to be spammed here?
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I have never heard better music.

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I avoided classical and Baroque music for a long time because I thought it was too high brow for me. I have been listening to nothing but beethoven and all other music sounds like shit. Can someone inform me on how to dive more into this period of music?
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King of the Hill edition
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why is dave sad /mu/ ?
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Snoop Dogg announces “Snoop Loopz” cereal

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Name our band
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ITT: Craziest music predictions that you've got that could possibly become real

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Here's a few:
>Britney Spears noise rock/punk album produced by Steve Albini an Mike Patton, released on 4AD (rated 8.5/10 by melon)
>Ringo will be the last Beatle by 2025
>David Geffen gets Harvey Weinstein'd
>Justin Bieber has his FUTURESEX/LOVESOUNDS moment and BTFO's everyone else for the next 2 years
>Lady Gaga releases her magnum opus completely produced by James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy
>Kendrick officially retires from music and pursues his new passion for cooking, opening a restaurant.
>Harry Styles comes out as Pansexual to nobody's surprise
>Kanye runs for congress and wins
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