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Huge update:
You can instantly play Mario Kart 64 if you click on the mushroom. (on Chrome)

This site will slowly scale into a proper 4chan archive.

If you cannot post, message me on Discord. renz#1907

>What happened
archive.nyafuu.org decided to close it's /meta/ and /junk/ boards because of spam issues. So that means you cannot post there anymore.

>What is this
Tokyochronos is a public anime image board.
Tokyochronos is also a platform I sometimes use for work.

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/tf/ execution edition
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bread eat

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bread eat
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me hungy for food

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give me thy nutrients, renz

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Can't bump my threads anymore so here's what I think will be my last thread.

Are mmew and mmew's minion(s) dead?
I pray that their departed souls may attain Buddhahood or be reincarnated into lizardmen in a fantasy RPG world.