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The Nobody Demiurge King of Touhou Beast 666

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Does /jp/ like the iguana idol?
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She loves u
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Cheating Detective Satori

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Bushiroad Seiyuu Thread #164

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Denpa Thread

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Haven't seen a denpa thread in a few months. What have you been listening to, nyakamatachi?

Denpa song English guide:
Denpa no Sekai Blog:
Music downloads:
Denpa song bot (new songs every day):
In-detail analysis of denpa aesthetic:
takeshi0406's blog (very informative):
Denpunk bot:
Japanese guy who makes denpa and moe songs mixes:
moep's blog, he posts buy lists for events like Comiket and M3:
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/tmg/ - Type-Moon General

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A place for discussion of the great works by Kinoko Nasu / TYPE-MOON.

Jobber Edition

>Type-Moon Visual Novel Collection (Japanese)!BA4yHYoT!NwGVKj4q9Z1vnpKlYY-4UQ

>Mahoutsukai no Yoru
Visual Novel:!YVkkhAjQ!Ggu2BS3MDfaofporByJsFw
English Patch (Partial):
French Patch:
Italian Patch:

>Kara no Kyoukai
Kara no Kyoukai Novel (Japanese):奈須きのこ_空の境界/index.html
Kara no Kyoukai Novel (English):
Kara no Kyoukai Animated Films:
Kara no Kyoukai Manga:

Tsukihime VN Collection:
Shingetsutan Tsukihime Manga:!dRwwAZrT!uxmDDlwDTu3bgo9QIKgSrQ
Mega Link:

>Tsukihime Remake
Tsukihime Remake:
English Patch (Arcueid Route):

>Melty Blood
Melty Blood PC Collection:
MBAACC - Community Edition:!6FUx2C6a!L2AxbiQzPHtgRI3YPHv4NZfi2EYS9RMeNHoSp6pAcFw
Melty Blood Manga:!syICRSJI!TeAS9ZVFSDQigguqxn_MwA
Melty Blood - Back Alley Alliance Nightmare Manga:
Melty Blood - Type Lumina:
Melty Blood - Type Lumina Community Translation Patch:

Fate/Stay Night [Réalta Nua] Ultimate Edition:
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia:

>Other Type Moon Works
Angel Voice / Notes:
Fire Girl:
Mahou Tsukai no Hako: Starlit Marmalade Manga:
Tsuki no Sango:
Tsuki no Sango Manga:
Haru to Tsuki to Sora to:

>Type Moon Miscellaneous
Encyclopedia of Type Moon:
Type-Moon Comic Ace:
TMdict Glossary:
Tsuki-kan (comprehensive record of real-world statements, interviews, Q&As, feature articles, etc):
Tsukihime Archives:
Tsukihime Tokuhon:

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Stardust Idols Thread #67

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So, what’s the consensus? Is Satori a good detective?
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