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2000's Touhou Fan Art Thread - Second Edition (the big Studio S.D.T. dump edition)

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Previous thread reached both bump and image limit so I couldn't make it last long enough to be able to post the following dump while waiting for my parcel to arrive, so here's now a Second Edition.

So, as promised, here's my big dump of full-quality and full-resolution wallpapers from Studio S.D.T.'s CD-ROMs released circa 2005-2006, so perfectly in topic. For each one, I'll include a link to the ISO (full content of the CD, untouched, including the extras, a few PSD files and lower resolution versions) and a link to the high-resolution wallpapers only:

Trashbox 13EX:
- ISO, full content:
- Hires pictures only (converted to PNG):

Note that the original Trashbox 13 box didn't contain any CD, unlike the newer ones, CD came separate (in doubt, I ordered both the book and the CD). More details later about Trashbox releases in general. Also, max resolution is only 1600x1200 in this one, with the only picture in 3200x2400 being a PSD file. I merged that PSD file and converted it to PNG in the ZIP image-only package.

Trashbox 14:
- ISO, full content:
- Hires pictures only (converted to PNG):

Trashbox 15:
- ISO, full content:
- Hires pictures only (converted to PNG):

Trashbox 18:
- ISO, full content:
- Hires pictures only (converted to PNG):

Quite ironic is the fact that the picture in that magazine cover mock-up I reused for this thread is also by Studio S.D.T. Now about Trashbox releases. They were generally artbooks of a few pages containing early sketches of their illustrations. They didn't only do Touhou stuff but the ones I posted here are Touhou-only. Earlier releases had their CDs sold separately but they eventually merged them with the books starting from issue #14. Also, I didn't scan any of the accompanying books as that would have proven too much time consuming and they only contained early sketches of some of their illustrations, so not as interesting and exciting as the CD-ROM content for me. But I might eventually scan them later.

Don't hesitate to mirror those downloads if you feel like it, as we clearly have a significant part of Touhou fanart history here. Many of us may have been exposed to these works in particular without even knowing who they came from as our first contacts ever with Touhou. Previously, those pictures were scattered all around various boorus and places on the web, in varying quality and resolutions (mostly lower ones), sometimes improperly sourced and often badly converted to JPEG. Here's now your chance to have most of them at the same time in the best imaginable quality (if not all, they might have been more of them) and finally know where they came from.

Also, to conclude, any other Touhou fanart in 2000s art style other than Studio S.D.T. is still welcome, if you still have any.
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Touhou Doujin Music Thread

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Doujin circles, Touhou Lossless Music Collection, Spotify, Gensokyo Radio and other links:

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Sakuya has a new friend
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Sakura Aoi and Fuuka Rin thread. 10,000 subscribers celebration edition.

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this is a very odd looking reimu...
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/mbgg/ - Mobage General #160

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This general is for discussing Japanese Mobile Games that don't have their own dedicated general elsewhere. Occasionally some Chinese and Korean games will be discussed too.

>List of frequently discussed games and guides for them:

Read this Pastebin about how to get around region locks for both Android and iOS:

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Beautiful Touhou imagery that brings you out of the real world. Even for just a moment.
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Which 2hus cock would you suck

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What will happen if ZUN dies of cirrhosis in the next 5 years?
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