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Sound thread

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More than just music
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Miko thread
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a thread for 2hus

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2hu thread
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Basement Aunn Edition

Please read this before posting:

Fumo Information Website from a helpful anon -

Places to buy fumos and other plushes:

For General Fumo information, custom fumo lists, official fumo lists, AND fumo price guides-

Picture guide for acquiring fumos-

Gift Closet:
Online Shop:


Fumo:フモフモ ふもふも&lang=en
Deka:デカフモ でかふも&lang=en

Tokyo Otaku Mode-

Solaris Japan-


Amazon JP-

Amiami- *Note, they rarely keep Fumos in stock at this point, but they do have other touhou plushies on occasion

Proxy and Forwarding services-

Do not buy from JP Figures. They are a scam.

Where can you get Fumos in Tokyo?
Akiba Hobby, AmiAmi, Lashinbang, and K-Books in Akihabara. Animate in Ikebukuro. Mandarake and Surugaya have multiple locations.

Yumemey, Fumo photographer:

For all your Fumo cleaning needs:

#/fumo/ irc available on

link to the op text:
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jaypeers if they turned into 2hus haha
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Who's ready to embrace the true star of Hololive?
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Rumias big jiggly boobies
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Congratulations on the marriage, /jp/!

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You better take good care of Yamame!
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I want to look into Reisen's eyes and go insane.
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Would you go on a vacation with Alice?
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