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/h!p/ - Up-Front & Hello!Project General Thread #658

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Do you ? ? Alice?
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Thread to discuss the wonderful Japanese talent Sakura Aoi!

... and her friend Rin! Who is also Japanese!
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I feel her like a presence in the back of my mind.
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A thread about a Cake!
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Mima comeback

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Rejoice, Mima is coming for you
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Amber and Cookie

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Does anyone know what is the relation between the amber remixes and Cookie? I've seen a couple of MADs with cookie stuff, but what was the origin?

Also, anybody knows where I can find the new testament Cookie (hopefully with english subs)?

I am just getting into
this shit so I don't know much squat (tho that medium article and the guide to Cookie characters are sure helpful for gaijins.
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/tvn/ - Translated VN General

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/vg/ is no longer suitable for VN threads due to a lack of moderation and rampant off-topic posting.

This general is for the discussion of English-translated Japanese visual novels.
All posting of untranslated visual novels belongs on >>>/jp/
E-celeb shitposting is off-topic and avatarfagging is not allowed.
Report all posts related to Discord.
Kindly use spoiler tags appropriately when discussing plot spoilers to facilitate smooth discussion.

>Having trouble with your VN? Try the following before you ask for tech support:
1. Be in Japanese locale
2. Read the Readme
3. Read the wiki below
4. Copy error messages with CTRL+C and paste them with CTRL+V into DeepL

>FAQs, Recommendations, and Other Useful Things:

>Need a novel with a specific element?

>Download Links:

Previous thread:
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/main/ - Mainstream Idols General #2

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This is a thread created for idols that do not fall under any franchises (AKB, Sakamichi, Stardust, H!P, etc.), yet still are signed to a major label (Sony, Avex, Universal, Ponycanon, etc.)
Formely Major Idols General.
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Hololive global

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Hololive global
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