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The death of Fujoshi culture

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It feels like in the west all the Fujoshi turned into Female to Male trans men starting around 2015ish. Do you know any yaoi fans that still identify as 100% female
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Stardust Idols Thread #67

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DJT Daily Japanese Thread 3347

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Read more. and listen!
Ignore TATSUMOTO spam
Ignore TATSUMOTO spam
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ooooo scary gap hag hahaha
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/h!p/ - Up-Front & Hello!Project General Thread #730

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This thread is for all current and former idols of Up-Front & Hello!Project.


>Agency Links:

モーニング娘。'22『Chu Chu Chu 僕らの未来』
モーニング娘。'22『大・人生 Never Been Better!』
モーニング娘。'22『I WISH』Promotion Edit

アンジュルム『愛すべきべき Human Life』

Juice=Juice『Future Smile』



OCHA NORMA『恋のクラウチングスタート』
OCHA NORMA『お祭りデビューだぜ!』

【ハロ!ステ#437】Juice=Juice「G.O.A.T.」& OCHA NORMA「お祭りデビューだぜ!」ハロー!キッチン 生田衣梨奈 & 胸に響いた歌詞発表会 MC:谷本安美&浅倉樹々

【アプカミ#285】モーニング娘。’22・Juice=Juice新メンバーオーディション映像・「ハデにやっちゃいな!」平山REC・「弱さじゃないよ、恋は」小野田REC MC : 野中美希 川名凜

【M-line Music#51】高橋愛・田中れいな・夏焼雅「みかん」/「バイバイメトロ」LIVE/宮本佳林 私の一曲/田﨑あさひ ミニコーナー MC夏焼雅・長谷川萌美

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774inc Thread

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The big Nanashi shuffle.
Is it real?
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Touhou 18.5 is out on steam and disk if you attended comiket. Steam rips are already up but the steam version even legitimate is throwing false virus alerts.

CD rips soon.
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Would you fuck youkai?

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I wanna get lewd with them /jp/
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>buu buu
>chu chu
guu guu~
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hongk hongk
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