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Okuu Thread

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My birdbrain requires art of Okuu. Please send all of your nuclear bird pictures.
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Hello anons, first time posting in this board. I cant seem to find where should I ask this so I'll do here anyway.

I want to learn japanese. I started with duolingo and lingodeer, are these good ways to learn?
Do you have tips for learning japanese? What should I focus on? Are there other (better) resources for learning?

Sorry if this is the wrong board, if theres a proper one for asking this, please tell me which one.


Ancient Touhou

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What was the Touhou community like before the extreme boom in popularity?
Touhou already existed like a decade before the huge boom in popularity. What were the threads like back before 2005? What were the discussions like?
When did the west first pick up on Touhou?
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Hey.. Hey, Let me in!
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Oh fuk /jp/

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I left my raimu on another bord and forgot!
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Rumia is so cute i want to cuddle her and make her a family woman and make so much love she will get tired of being loved
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Thread to discuss the wonderful Japanese talent Sakura Aoi!

... and her friend Rin! Who is also Japanese!
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/jp/ needs Sumireko

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Sumireko is so cute! She reminds me of my friend.
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What are some old /jp/ memes that you want to see come back?
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Stop it!
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