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Yuyuko Thread
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Lunar capital co - funtator , Eirin!

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Eirin is the best Doctor in all Gensokyo ! ~ ( And Probably the unique ) What do you think ???

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LN / Light Novel / ラノベスレ

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finding light novels info:

personal recommendation -

previous thread can be found here:

will include some recommended reading in the next post
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Ok so I have used 4chan almost since the beginning but I have never gone to /jp/ until now. But here's the thing, I have OCD and my brain thinks up "songs" that I have to sing repeatedly every day for up to years. Here is my most recent song, I thought /jp/ would appreciate it

>Tune: Vibrant synth electro pop
>Sung with extremely racist fake Japanese accent


That's the whole song. I will have to sing this to myself thousands of times for years probably. I hope it brings joy to your life.
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Tube fox new tapestry

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Will you be making a purchase? You love her don't you? I'm honestly a little disappointed it's this lewd. I wish there was a non-lewd
version but he never does that it seems.
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Happy Patchy day!
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HRtP source code

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25 years after its first release at comiket, The Highly Responsive to Prayers is now a fully open source game.
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Marisa is sad!

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You've just handed Marisa Kirisame a green form, a paper for a mutual agreement or no-faults divorce submitted to a family court. She sees that you studied and forged her signature on it as well before you submitted it, meaning it was approved in the Human Village and now you've officially divorced her.

Marisa is crying now! She's extremely upset that you went and did this without her input or knowing, behind her back even! Your marriage with Marisa is done for and there's no possibility for her to even save it now anyway, and she can do nothing but watch as you grab your valuables and leave the Kirisame household, never to return to her again! You've stripped her of love and left her a shell of her former self! She won't get over this easily!
Worst of all is that Marisa can't understand why you did it and you won't even give her an answer. Was it because of her lazy lifestyle and refusing to tidy up her cluttered house? Was it because of how often she was spending time at the Hakurei Shrine, possibly neglecting you? Did she take something of yours in her kleptomaniacal sprees and totally forget it? Why did you do it...?

Marisa may never know. You've broken her heart and ended a marriage that barely lasted one year. She's so depressed now and it's all thanks to you!
Good job, anon!
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