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I have an idea for all of testing methodology.

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>fuzzy testing mixed with load testing imagine if hypothesis(python) and locust(python) had a baby

If a reusable spider was employed generally, you could effortlessly test anything/everything. Basically testable things have a 'proper behavior' and a 'given outcome'. Proper Behavior is a chain of events/actions for a given outcome of a thing. Things might have multiple behaviors and outcomes. Fully testing a thing requires you to test all the permutations of multiple behaviors and multiple ending outcomes. Here's an example. All keys on a regular keyboard share the same 'proper behavior', but don't share the same ending outcome. The outcome of pressing each key individually might be different, but the interaction/proper behaviors and tests are the same. A key is pressed and a state has changed. A key is un-pressed and a state has changed. We don't care what the state should be, but only that something changed or is changing. If the state hasn't changed to the correct value, the next action in the chain will either fail now or fail later or finally at the end of the chain. If it fails now or later, we know some previous action/event failed to change state and the entire action chain test fails quickly. If there is no next action in the chain or fails at the end of the chain, test fails at the end. tests only pass at the end and when the given chain of actions taken produces the given ending outcome. the last action in a chain will be an action which will fail if and only if the last action taken doesn't produce the given/desired outcome. This way you don't need to test for every action's outcome correctness, only the chain's ending action against the given outcome.

>What is everything?
Code, applications, games, sites, services, even physical products!

Everything that could be tested would be able to use the same framework/code repo. So if testing x works, you can test x, anywhere. Can re-use other people's chains of actions and possibly outcomes.