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heckin 50 bucklerrino edition

Entry: 1660S
Ok: RX5600XT
Value: Second hand
High end: RTX3080/3090 [ if you are youtube salesman but be aware they might blow up power surging to 570 watt and black screen ]

Second hand entry: RX570
Second hand compute/hackintosh: Vega56
Second hand good: GTX1080/1080Ti/2070S (whatever you can find for a good price)

Consider getting non housefire models

Entry/All you need: 3300X/3600
Turbo gaymer[just wait™] : 5600X
Working on PC[just wait™]: 3900X/5900X/5950X
[Intel does not make high end CPUs at all, only mid range housefires and is 20%+ slower in real gaymen and 60%+ in funny rendering]

For first world countries: 4650G, 4750G

B450/X470 BIOS update later down the year, buy 5XX board for day 1 zen 3 CPU and better memory controller
[MSI has best capacitors,Aorus for APUs]

AMD: 2x8+ 3000+Mhz ( if you know how to OC/time 65$ kit will do 3600Mhz CL16 easily| if you do not know how just buy better memory and use XMP ) get G.Skill
[Zen2 scales up to 3800MHz, same probably applies to Zen3 since it uses same IO die but it is expected to be less memory dependant = unified ccx]

1TB NVMe: top value (You will know if you need more) Crucial P1 1000GB - 100$
Get extra SSDs if data hoarder that does not chance for his storage to kill him
Get extra HDD if data hoarder
[Toshiba most reliable I assume]

I do not live in China: Seasonic
I live in China: Superflower

500W+: Perfect for your build
750W+: Multiple GPUs/Ampere etc.

Waste of money if on budget just build it on MOBO Box
If autistic or/and living with animals just buy cheap metal box and put it under your legs
Consider looking Fractal Design cases if you want one badly or Li Chang Ching to impress frens if you have them

AMD: Stock cooler
work on AMD: Check Scythe coolers
best KOOLING on AMD: Check Assassin III
[water coolers are meme]