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What are you working on, /g/?
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Why do your handwritten lines always change a little once you lift the pen when writing on a pen tablet in OneNote?
Is there a term for this?
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The Great debate
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Why did UNIX suck so bad in late 90's until macOS, BSD and Linux becomes a thing and gets matured? This guy has lots of videos with Solaris and other commercial UNIX stuff and they're literally even worse than Windows 9x or NT, so why is "UNIX philosophy" or "muh real UNIX" shilled so many times here?

There is no UNIX and UNIX-like anymore, there is Linux and Linux-like.
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How do we combat casteism in silicon valley, /g/?

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I like systemd
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Is it just me or is the A.I. hype of past 10 years dwindling? I follow Techcrunch and Hackernews daily and it feels like it for sure compared to few years back when every article seemed to be about it. I even found a cringe picture like this dated to 2015. How's the job market for that, datasci bros?

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Is Ubuntu any good?
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Come home, white man
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Why does every thread that I reply to die?