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Switching to a dumbphone

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I'm seriously considering switching to pic rel as a way to diminish my reliance on technology and have longer battery life. Already don't use social media and all chat apps I use for communication are available on desktop. Only main worry is 2FA and document scanning but I might carry around my old phone or use an iPad just for that. Moreover, can someone recommend something cheaper that works on Verizon (even better, Xfinity Mobile) because I don't feel comfortable dropping $70 when I can get an iPhone SE 1st gen for the same price and have a much better experience.
Moreover, I'm in America so I can't use phones without VoLTE support (or else I'd get a blackberry)
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>There are people like Torvalds that will pressure our community into use of a non-free program, and challenge anyone who complains to provide a (technically) better program immediately or shut up. There are people who say that technical decisions should not be “politicized” by consideration of their social consequences.
I thought RMS and Linus were friends, but from this it sounds like they are more of enemies.
What gives?

/sqt/ Stupid Questions thread

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Previous thread >>82037461
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Git Client

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So what is the verdict? Is Sublime Merge the best git GUI client or what?
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/mkg/ Mechanical Keyboard General

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Anons, I like using GNU/Linux, it is great for using it as a server OS and I also have used GNU/Linux as a desktop OS but it isn’t really that great at being a desktop focused OS.
>X and Wayland are a mess and are the only display servers
>systemd, flatpack, NetworkManager, GTK, pulseaudio, dbus, KDE, GNOME and everything else “mainstream” is bloated and generally bad with no better alternatives (keep in mind that there are various alternatives but then you will have a lot of compatibility issues)
>applications don’t have any good sandboxing (Xen what QubesOS is also using isn’t a viable sandboxing method because it requires a lot of resources because its running every application in a separate vm)
>hardening the Linux kernel won’t fix its security issues
What are the remaining options, is it MacOS?
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How true is this?
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Hey bros, is there a general strategy or entry point for hooking into games/applications? I know that runescape bots are able to reference objects in the game directly; how would you do this in a game that isn't written in java? I was thinking about this while playing Toontown, for example
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