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/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread

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Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and share their experiences.
Tell us about tools, utilities, configs, tips & tricks that enhance your life with Windows (ReactOS users are also welcome).

Remember: notice the friendly - please be civil when possible.

>Choosing, downloading, installing, activating windows/office, useful resources & recommended software infograph (/fwt/ paste)

>Installing Windows, for retards

>Which version should I get?
>Where can I get the ISOs?
>What the fuck is an .svf file?
>What does LTSC 2019 have?
>How do I verify the ISOs aren't fake/infected?
>How do I activate Windows?
>How do I change to a different edition post-install?
>How do I disable backported telemetry in 8.1/7?
>What software do you recommend/should I install?
See paste. (your other unmentioned question is probably here, too)

>How do I debloat/debotnet Windows 10 1803-2004?
Offline (pre-installation): Optimize-Offline
Online (live installation): / / W10Privacy / privatezilla
Don't mix offline & online tools with each other.

>Do I really need to debloat it?
If you had to ask, then no.

>Can you get the Ryzen scheduler on LTSC 2019?
No. Wait for LTSC 2022, or use SAC (semi-annual channel) editions.

>Can I upgrade to LTSC 2019?
Only from a previous LTSC build w/o doing the upgradematrix hack in paste.

>Is Windows 10 2004/20H2 OK?
Only Education & Enterprise.

>I already run Windows 7, but don't want to clean install?
The non-LTSC installers can upgrade.

>Are homebrew ISOs safe to use (Gen2/Ameliorated)?
Depending on trust&rep, almost never. Most of the time these are unverifiable and unreproducible.

/fwt/ spammer aka staxshill filter (4chanX): (embed)

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Fuck IRC, this shit is fucking doomed. Freenode was the last holdout through inertia alone, why the fuck would I want to go back to some garbage featureless protocol that can't handle the most basic of modern chat requirements? OMG Libera is free of the badman on Freenode, like I give a fuck.
>Can't do code embeds
>Can't do image embeds
>Can't do E2EE conversations
>Nickserv and other related stuff is a 25 year old hack on a protocol that was never designed to have these mechanics

Synapse is fucking hot garbage but at least Matrix has basic fucking amenities for handling pleb bullshit and has an API that allows you to actually create services on it.
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The Future

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>Mfw everything will turn into a computer
>There will be literal smart cities in the future
>You will be required to be connected to the cloud to do anything in these cities
>This will probably be used to oppress personal freedom and free speech, because nothing stops it from being used that way
>Computing will be cloud based, it won't even matter what OS you use
Now, considering this is all highly likely to happen, was he in the right?
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When has being tech literate screwed you over?

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>work wagie job while studying, graduating soon so put in my notice
>figure I should collect all my payslips off the employee portal in case I need them come tax time
>write a script that downloads all slips
>get called in the next day by the accounting roastie, asks why i've done this and behaves generally rude
>get a message that night that I've been let go immediately

I was going to leave anyway so i'm not bitter, but its hilarious that doing things efficiently causes problems around brainlets
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Android Thread

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What Android Phone do you own?
What Custom Rom do you run and why?
What F-Droid apps do you run?
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Is this the "i5 2500k" of smartphones?

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Switching to a dumbphone

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I'm seriously considering switching to pic rel as a way to diminish my reliance on technology and have longer battery life. Already don't use social media and all chat apps I use for communication are available on desktop. Only main worry is 2FA and document scanning but I might carry around my old phone or use an iPad just for that. Moreover, can someone recommend something cheaper that works on Verizon (even better, Xfinity Mobile) because I don't feel comfortable dropping $70 when I can get an iPhone SE 1st gen for the same price and have a much better experience.
Moreover, I'm in America so I can't use phones without VoLTE support (or else I'd get a blackberry)
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Why you gay mofos still have Iphones

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I was already a Samsung user but now with the announcemet of Sam and all the rule34 art there is out there, there is no way as a straight man you don't want to fuck sam and buy a samsung.
Just imagine how it feels to use those titties(cameras) and to put it all it inside her(charge her), she will obey your every commmand, even those naughty apps apple doens't download, who cares if Iphone has better build quality or lasts longer or even has more privacy, Apple will never have a waifu because they don't have the balls to have their whole brand sexualized
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So i recently bought a samsung S7 tablet with plans to livecast my drawings in clip studio paint to my PC (WIn10) wirelessly, however trying to find any information on how to do so is a nightmare and all i have found is some blog shilling 3rd party software, i it possible to do without paying? could you help a newbie out /g/ ? Thanks in advanced