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What is the best BSD?
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What's the best VPN service?
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How do I get word for free

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browser version doesn't fit, need all features
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an AMD revolution

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Can someone please explain to me why the FUCK so many people are still buying Intel and nVidia hardware, especially when it's been proven this is a Red October? They both just lost to AMD. If you want top tier performance and you're building a system right now AMD is the obvious choice. You're *literally* paying more for less at that point.

Are these all just people who haven't bought, upgraded, or built a system since before ISIS was a thing or something? Because you're literally getting a better performing CPU, better graphics card, and in many cases probably a better board for cheaper right now.

Not only all of that but because their parts now synergize well you get a boost from it and on top of that because BOTH major consoles are using it you can be assured there is absolutely massive corporate backing to ensuring that any bugs or problems get resolved quickly while more games come out designed around it. Even pcbg threads end up looking like astroturfed shill threads for bad hardware.

Are they just clueless? Do they simply know nothing about tech? Or are they just a bunch of simp paypigs who've fallen victim to marketing?
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/g/ books

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Recently finished this book and really enjoyed it. What /g/ books would you recommend to anons?
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>fire this guy
>destroys nvidia

Should they have done it years ago?
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I’m considering leaving my current distro for this. However, I worry about its longevity, support, and security. Is the community stable? Do they have plans to “officialize” the project. Can the developers and core repository maintainers be trusted? Have they had any major “hiccups” in the short period they’ve around, or in their prior incarnations?
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Should I try linux as a desktop again? Is is still as big of a waste of time as it has always been?
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debuted at $200 4 years ago
>still at a $200 today
>still competitive
Explain this shills
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WTF? Why nobody telled me that compression exist?

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I had the need to backup a vidyagame, it was 8gb.
When compressed it was 1.20gb.
This is fucking crazy, wtf? Why compression is not used in everyday life??? This is the future.
(used 7zip)
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