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I want to make an AI that automatically filters mactoddler threads (or mactoddlers as a whole). Is OpenCV worth learning?
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I want to make an AI that automatically filters threads with soijak (or wojak as a whole) images in the OP. Is OpenCV worth learning?
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do people actually use this?
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>Front-end Developer
>Bouldering gym membership
>macbook pro
>Asian girlfriend
>500$ in shitcoin
>Nintendo switch

What did he mean by this
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Vintage Nokias

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I collect vintage phones, mostly Nokias but I do have iPhone 2G too.

How much do you guys think I should realistically pay for a mint Nokia 7700? I think it's one of the rarest Nokias in existence, but I have a history of overpaying for a collectible phone only to realize nobody else in the market would've paid the amount
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What the fuck were they thinking?
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Nvidia is finished

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It's over, kraut from Igors Lab has leaked 6800XT test results.
He has actual AIB sources unlike those YouTube frauds.
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Nvidia? AMD? Bah. I'll be waiting for Intel's offering.

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*curiously gets behind computer tower and plays with your cables*
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