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If protonmail glows, what are posible alternatives ?

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If protonmail is under glownigger control, what are services I can use instead to reclaim my privacy in correspondance ?

Is VPS solution ? Are there any good ways to run your own email on VPS and ensure your own privacy ?
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/fag/ - Friendly Apple General

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Didn't see a thread up.

I hate the new Big Sur sounds and UI changes.
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Welp. Incompatible?

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Went to upgrade ram from 8gb dual 3200 to 16gb dual 3200
>went corsair vengeance pro RGB 3200
>try to boot into bios .. nope. no display. pc is fine, all running
>debugger cpu light on msi b450m mortar
>Ryzen5 3600
>win home unactivated 64bit

What do? Are these really incompatible, it says its good for intel xmp not amd.. and i know my board needs xmp to run 3200 (which it IS currently doing but only on 8gb). I should have the most recent bios too.

- So if i'm a retard i can return the ram for something else - recs or link me to where i can find compatibility?
- If this should be working... how?

Thanks faggots. I hate technology.
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>wireless keyboard
>wireless mouse
>wireless internet
>wireless display
>wireless sound
>wireless charging

The future is looking bright. Looks like the 2020s will be the decade we finally go wireless.
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/hpg/ - Headphones General

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Morning Edition

How to request:
>Open or closed
>Over-ear or on-ear
>Intended use/music
>Preferred sound profile

>Measurement graphs

>Reviews and opinions
All are worthless, judge it by your own preferences. Don't let some audiophool shill faggot on the internet tell you what to like.

>How not to become a Audiophool,3733-19.html

For anything about earphones, earbuds or IEM's, refer to >>>/g/iemg/

Previous thread: >>82046257
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Year 2021 of our lord

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Has tech gone too far?
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In what ways does Loonix "respect my freedom" that macOS and Windows can't?
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For me? It's Windows 10.
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Can pi4 run Crysis?

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Help me choose the best game engine /g/
Picking a game engine is like choosing a os distro. But I know you guys already figured out the best out there. That's why I'm here. Today (You) will end the engine wars. Go!
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