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Why is it so adamant in its refusal to die?
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It's Debian's Birthday

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Debian is 29 years old today. Say something nice about it.

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How the fuck do you get out of the mid-level/mid-senior hell?
I feel like my career has completely stagnated. I don't know how to make the jump to senior. I've been interviewing for a ton of senior positions and even when I reach the final stages they inevitably drop the "it was a very competitive position and even though we liked you we went with someone who's more qualified".
Is it over? Is this the male equivalent of a woman turning 25? Is this the human equivalent of owning a 13 second "sports car"?
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Steam Deck

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Just bought my steam deck 1 year and 12 days after preordering it. I'm quite excited. Any issues to report? What am I in for?
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>Runs the most popular tech podcast
>A lispfag
>Uses emacs
>doesn't have an episode with Richard Stallman
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What's the quickest way to learn pic related if I already know how to code in C#?

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privacy is an illusion
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i didnt do the needful and redeemed.