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I actually bought a herman miller aeron and it is making scratching/squeaking sounds after 2 months

are $1k + chairs really a meme or am I just unlucky
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When was the golden age of internet
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why the FUCK are even so many small monitors curved
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Why do pirates act so smug about getting shit for free? It's like they think they're smarter than your average computer user because they know a few websites and can install a torrent client.
They don't take into account that actually smart people cracked the DRM and paid money so they can leech all that shit. If nobody enabled them to pirate things, they would all drop piracy instantly.
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I really miss the days of Windows 95 and CRT Monitors and Beige boxes. This was back when PCs had SOUL. I want to go back to the good ol days. Anyone else nostalgic towards Windows 95?
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Why does pic rel not run on mac?

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It's the only thing keeping me from buying a slick M1 macbook
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Why is Linux culture so bad?

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>I have four words for you

>Here is our professional keynote where we make an exciting presentation on new user friendly features
>Think Different
>Very aesthetic stores and Os to appeal to their customer base

>Ban Richard Stallman, he said something bad REEE
>Ban every noncomforming people in every free software organization
>infighting about distros despite 2% marketshare
>Ubuntu diversity funds
Why can't you be normal?
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It looks less hideous compared to the last time I tried. K1, are you okay?
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In what ways does Loonix "respect my freedom" that macOS and Windows can't?
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>just turn off advertising
>just turn off cortana
>just turn off edge
>just turn off telemetry
>just turn off updates
>just turn off weather
yeah, just turn off the "features" until you can't
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