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Is Tkinter any good?

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What is the best BSD?
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What should I name my AI?

It needs to be short, professional, modern.

Ideas I had:
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GitHub Confession

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Alright, time to admit it...
Been programing for about a decade, mostly in Python and C# but in the last 2 years C++ too, and I just genuinely do not understand GitHub and I'm too intimidated to learn.
Basically, I've never come across a situation where putting one of my projects on GitHub would really help me, and I'm too scared my coding is too shit and will be laughed off the website anyway. I also just don't like how the page for a repository is laid out, I think it's really confusing.

I know this post is gonna get a lot of 'is he joking?' type reactions but I am 100% serious in that I have avoided GitHub since the early 2010s despite knowing full well about it.

I'm genuinely gonna ask here if anyone can answer these questions:
1. What is a pull request and what is a branch?
2. What is the benefit of using GitHub?
3. Are people very stuck-up about code quality on there?

Thanks for your time
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/dhg/ + /hsg/ - Data Hoarding & Home Server general

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Discuss data hoarding and other home server projects.

previous threads


Read for short overview of OS's, file systems, and other things.

>List Of good NAS cases (WIP) Suggest some and I'll add them to the list.

>Why should I have a homeserver?
De-botnet your life. Learn something new. Serving applications to yourself, your family, and your frens feels good because service to others feels good. Put your /g/ skills to good use for yourself and those close to you. Store their data with proper availability redundancy and backups and serve it back to them with a /comfy/ easy to use interface - don’t let googlel/applel/microshaft botnet them.

>How should I get started?
NAS is how most people get into this. It’s nice have a /comfy/ home for all your data. Streaming your movies/shows around the house and to friends is good feels. /hsg/ is about learning and expanding your horizons. Know all about NAS? Learn virtualization. Spun up some VMs? Learn about networking by standing up a pfsense box and configuring some vlans. There's always more to learn and chances to grow. Think you’re god tier already? Setup openstack and report back.

>What do I hoard?
Movies, music, books, porn, anything and everything you like. If you are looking for things to hoard check out >>>/g/ptg they have a list of various trackers for everything under the sun.

>Why Hoard?
Things that are online today might not be online forever. It's good to have a copy of something because you never know when it might get taken down due to copyright strikes or Big Tech censorship.
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battle station thread
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Police have subpeona me, can they find me with employer provided ip address?

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Police have subpeona me to testify a guy I don't want to testify against as he scares me. They have to phsyically find me to serve the subpeona (spoke with lawyer and this is the case). I'm working remote right now for a company in another state. My question is, could the police/feds subpeona my employer for my ip address and then subpeona the internet company for where I'm staying to find me? Would they need something more then trying to find me though? Would they need to have suspiscion of ciminal activity on my part to subpeona the internet company or them wanting me to testify at a grand jury enough? Thanks.
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/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread

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Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and share their experiences.
Tell us about tools, utilities, configs, tips & tricks that enhance your life with Windows (ReactOS users are also welcome).

Remember: notice the friendly - please be civil when possible.

>Choosing, downloading, installing, activating windows/office, useful resources & recommended software infograph (/fwt/ paste)

Frequently Asked Questions:
>Which version should I get?
>Where can I get the ISOs?
>What the fuck is an .svf file?
>What does LTSC 2019 have?
>How do I verify the ISOs aren't fake/infected?
>How do I activate Windows?
>How do I change to a different edition post-install?
>How do I disable backported telemetry in 8.1/7?
>What software do you recommend/should I install?
See paste. (your other unmentioned question is probably here, too)

>How do I debloat Windows 10 1803-2004?
Offline (pre-installation): Optimize-Offline
Online (live installation): / W10Privacy
Don't mix offline & online tools with each other.

>Do I really need to debloat it?
If you had to ask, probably not.

>Can you get the Ryzen scheduler on LTSC 2019?
No. Wait for LTSC 2022, or use SAC (semi-annual channel) editions.

>Can I upgrade to LTSC 2019?
Only from a previous LTSC build w/o doing the upgradematrix hack in paste.

>Is Windows 10 2004 OK? How about 20H2?
Only Education & Enterprise. 20H2 is a small upgrade like 1909 but it's worth waiting a couple weeks or so, just in case.

>I already run Windows 7, but don't want to clean install?
The non-LTSC installers can upgrade.

>Are homebrew ISOs safe to use (Gen2/Ameliorated)?
Depending on trust&rep, almost never. Most of the time these are unverifiable and unreproducible.

/fwt/ spammer filter (4chanX):

Previous thread: >>78403341
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What can I get for $400 as a university student?
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