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>be react team
>have class based component syntax
>everything kinda makes sense
>classes hold their state
>each method corresponds to each lifecycle event
>have to memorize all this bullshit syntax that only makes code look like spaghetti
why are webtroons like this?
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Satanichia Kurumizawa Mcdowell

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It was her birthday, yesterday, /g/!
What were your wishes for her?
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Can I trust the pre installed ubuntu os that comes with a dell laptop,
Or should I reinstall it
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Why does nobody use this? Isn't it supposed to be a successor to IRC? Most people still use IRC and Jabber (better name than XMPeePee) has maybe a dozen speakers in two or three rooms. Why is that?
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/dpt/ Daily Programming Thread

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Previous: >>88144149

What are you working on?
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Sometimes modern technology is great
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Which is better? Static or Dynamic typing?

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>Static is better because it removes all bugs that come from code
operating on data it isn't supposed to
>Dynamic is better because you can write programs that are literally
impossible in the static world and plus you can write them faster

Or you could be based and do both using Typed Racket.
>Why Typed Racket?
-Both static and dynamic typing at the same time. You choose which code is static and which is dynamic.
Finally, you typetards can stop arguing. Just use typed racket. Literally not that hard.
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Godot is literally perfect for indie games.
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I don’t know anything about computers, will I be able to use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects with a HP Pavillon 15-eh1022nf or a LENOVO Ideapad 3 15IML05 ?
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Get fucked, Apple workers!
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