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Anyone working more than one job?

Bonus points for two full time jobs

I got the chance to have two full time jobs but I don't want to kill myself so fast or get sued. Any stories?
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AMD to buy Xilinx for $35bn
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What the fuck is this?
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/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread

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Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and share their experiences.
Tell us about tools, utilities, configs, tips & tricks that enhance your life with Windows (ReactOS users are also welcome).

Remember: notice the friendly - please be civil when possible.

>Choosing, downloading, installing, activating windows/office, useful resources & recommended software infograph (/fwt/ paste)

Frequently Asked Questions:
>Which version should I get?
>Where can I get the ISOs?
>What the fuck is an .svf file?
>What does LTSC 2019 have?
>How do I verify the ISOs aren't fake/infected?
>How do I activate Windows?
>How do I change to a different edition post-install?
>How do I disable backported telemetry in 8.1/7?
>What software do you recommend/should I install?
See paste. (your other unmentioned question is probably here, too)

>How do I debloat Windows 10 1803-2004?
Offline (pre-installation): Optimize-Offline
Online (live installation): / W10Privacy
Don't mix offline & online tools with each other.

>Do I really need to debloat it?
If you had to ask, probably not.

>Can you get the Ryzen scheduler on LTSC 2019?
No. Wait for LTSC 2022, or use SAC (semi-annual channel) editions.

>Can I upgrade to LTSC 2019?
Only from a previous LTSC build w/o doing the upgradematrix hack in paste.

>Is Windows 10 2004 OK? How about 20H2?
Only Education & Enterprise. 20H2 is a small upgrade like 1909 but it's worth waiting a couple weeks or so, just in case.

>I already run Windows 7, but don't want to clean install?
The non-LTSC installers can upgrade.

>Are homebrew ISOs safe to use (Gen2/Ameliorated)?
Depending on trust&rep, almost never. Most of the time these are unverifiable and unreproducible.

/fwt/ spammer filter (4chanX):

Previous thread: >>78371986
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/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previously: >>78400657
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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition Review - Disruptive Price-Performance

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Object Oriented Programming is Trash

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Admit it, it doesn't help with anything.
It makes all code longer and more convoluted.
It doesn't even protect idiots from writing a messy code.
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/cyb/ + /sec/ general: Cybersecurity & Cyberpunk

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What is cyberpunk?: [ (embed) ]
Cyberpunk directory (Communities/IRC and other resources): [ (embed) ]
Cyberpunk media (Recommended cyberpunk fiction): [ (embed) ]
The cyberdeck: [ (embed) ]
"Shit just got real": [ (embed) ]
Cybersecurity basics and armory: [ (embed) ]
Reference books (PW: ABD52oM8T1fghmY0): [!YigVhZCZ!RznVxTiA0iN-N6Ps01pEJw ]
/sec/ PDFs: [!zGJT1QQQ!O-8yiH845GN26ajAvkoLkA ]
Learning/News/CTFs: [ (embed) ]
thegrugq OPSEC: [ ]
#! sec guide [ (embed) ]
EFF anti-surveillance [ ]
Thread Wiki is up:

Previous thread: >>78365062
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Why is SQL so difficult and how do I understand it?

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What paradigm does this shitty language even fall into? It doesn't seem to be procedural, functional, or object-oriented. My biggest issue is that there's no consistent way to conceptualize the order in which lines will be executed. Or what steps to take to accomplish a task. Even if I can come up with a step-by-step pseudocode of how I want to search and manipulate the data, there's no way to translate it into SQL's retarded query system. What do I need to do to my brain to understand how to write complex SQL queries (i.e. multiple functions and procedures with arguments and variables in them)
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/bst/ Battle Station Thread: Lazy Sunday Edition

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Take a pic of your battle station as it is now, no cleaning, and we rate. I’ll go first.
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