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Is this true?
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ITT nose ticks used to fool consumers

>Measuring the screen width diagonally
>1TB means 930GB
>100mbs means 10MB/s
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Youtube has taken down youtube-dl repo

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Is there a linux alternative for it? Aria2 never worked for me on win, does it work on linux? (more spec. Fedora)
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Anon! You cute wife is asking you to make a game a game for her. Can you do it?
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I am jobless for almost a year, unironically - should I learn to code? Not in US, so either will have to work locally or work remotely. Have bachelor's in economics and masters in SCM, but my country economy went to shit even before Covid, much worse now.

Worked before that in SCM consulting at KPMG, then moved from consulting into industry for pretty good position, then got fired after 2 years. After that I can't find a job, there is too much unemployed in my field on the market, even my CV doesn't make any difference. Have almost no coding skills. I know basics of leaner programming that I applied to things related to Supply Chain Management, but that's all.

Questions are - which language should I learn to maybe get a job or work from home? And should I learn something related and applicable to my field or say fuck it and just change my career?

So far I see two options - learn Python and apply it in terms of SCM and Economics to hopefully boost my CV. Another option - fuck my past career and target something else completely (like web development as an example) and learn language suited for that.

What are good options for me? So far I am thinking about Python, JS with JS.Node or Ruby + Ruby on Rails.

There are good free courses for JS on and good courses for Ruby on Odin Project, but nothing compatible for Python, despite Python being most versatile language it seems, plus easy to learn programming concepts for people who come with almost no programming skills.
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what the hell am i suppose to use now
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Technology to stop mouth breathing

Do the nasal dilators actually work and are they comfortable enough to wear them over night?

Which technology can fix mouth breathing?
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Video Editors for Linux

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I am looking for software to edit videos with. I wonder what video editors you guys use or recommend? I think that I can put some adobe shit on linux and make it work but idk how.
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Is there anyone with a Masters in Computer Science that cant get a job?

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It seems like a surefire way to get hired.
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