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which one do you think is better? i need to back up my files and i'm not autistic enough to buy a NAS
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>forced to use windows
>need tables from API
>cant use curl on windows
>had to write and setup an entire sprinboot api just to get my tables
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Did you like the internet like before Advanced firewalls?

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I grew up in the late 2000s and there was porn and gore on YouTube before 2010s. Hell you can even still watch porn if the video is not in English. Honestly do you wish you could go back to 2000s internet?

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Is there any thing like a Electronic To Do List? I hate whiteboards but I don't know how else to have a to do list on my desk. I've tried out smart displays but they don't have "to do list" apps. I could build something with Raspberry PI but that's way too much work.
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This dude is going to burst a blood vessel, what is his problem? Why are Linux users bald man babies?

Embedded Systems Environment

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Good Afternoon /g/ents,
I've recently become interested in learning about embedded systems. I'm following this course since I saw it recommended online
I just bought the Tiva launchpad and a cheap breadboard kit so I can follow along with the labs. The thing is, I got to chapter 5 and saw that the IDE they're using is Keil UVision (picrel) and it only works on windows, no mac or linux, So, before I get into a rabbit hole trying to get this to work on linux, I thought i'd ask any embedded chads here what you use to develop for these (or any other) microprocessors. Should I just bite the bullet and move back to windows for compatibility (especially those weird proprietary IDES for specific architectures)? Should I keep using emacs on linux and figure it out? Will that work fine for all devices? I'm doing this so I can get a job, so I want to use something that will work. Also any general tips are appreciated.
Thanks bros :)
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Explosion occurred at Google site in Iowa

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>Three people in critical condition after Google data center 'electrical incident'
Are you Googlers OK?
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Why 4chan be checking browser now at first all the time?

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Why do Thinkpads on Ebay so often look like this?

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Do autists fucking chew on them or what
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