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is /g/ smart enough to figure this out?
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What the fuck is going on with the internet today?

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stuck using The Google's android

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>switch to lineageos
>bank app arbitrarily chooses not to work because 'safety'
>tried everything, this fucker still detects it
>go back to original rom
>suddenly works fine
>stuck using proprietary shit

is there anything i can do to make proprietary android less garbage and more lineageos-like?

>inb4 new phone
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Now THAT is what I call technology.

What is the name of that machine?
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Why did he do it?

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Would you have any qualms against programming for or developing a lethal weapon, /g/?
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I want to use systemd to its fullest. What are some useful systemd tools? Desktop Linux user myself, I use systemd-boot as my bootloader, as a service manager obviously, I have an Emacs user daemon that works with systemd, I limit Firefox RAM usage with systemd-run (cgroups manager or smth), systemd is also my network time protocol implementation of choice... I also want to start using systemd-nspawn (not sure what it is but probably useful)
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Would it be possible to use GNOME2 without causing problems in modern software? I really hate modern GNOME
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