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why are my flashdrives hot?

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So I am and have been using a series of flash drives instead of something normal for my added external shortage because I didn't have money then on an old PC and just keep using them, however they're hot af.

Why is this?

I mean I just used them as my game install directories and I leave them plugged in. I'm not talking about when I'm running games off them or downloading, just leaving them plugged in where they should be idling. However, when I take them out of rear and front IO the plug itself is hotter than all fuck. Am I not supposed to leave flash drives plugged in? Is that bad for my PC?

Also as long as I'm asking about that, why would a USB 3 hard drive, flash drive, and SSD all have wildly different download speeds? Shouldn't they all ultimately be bottlenecked by the same USB 3.1/2 bandwidth? Why would a flash drive that's also using NAND be so much slower than even external HDD?

Lastly did anyone get those RGMeme ADATA or whoever external SSD/HDD? Because right now I'm tempted...
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tech that is pointless

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let me start: shower bar
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Need advice on a project.

My company makes 3D home decor, shelves, and some other things. However we were just contracted to make 2 6 foot by 7 1/2 foot murals for a business, the money is good. My issue however is my .cad file is too big for my slicing software. Is there a program I can buy or use that will let me import a .cad file and split it Into pieces for separate prints? I've never encountered this problem before and would rather not start all over. I use freecad for my designs. I also have fusion360 for other projects.

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Which imageboard/forum software is the best?
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The current absolute state of programming jobs

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>cant get a job without knowing number theory
>can't get a job without knowing combinatorics
>cant get a job without knowing topology
>cant get a good job without knowing real and abstract algebra
>^ all at a pure math major's level btw, not your generic cs class version thereof
>cant get a job without knowing mathematical libraries
>cant get a job without knowing all methods of all stl containers
>can't get a job without 2*x years of experience for technologies that have only existed for <=x years
>have to compete with people who dont have cs degrees, have cs degrees, have unrelated degrees, have engineering degrees, have no degrees,
>have to compete with people who spend all their time doing competitive programming
>have to compete with people who literally cheat on the interviews
>have to compete with people who will work for $10/hour
>Everyday the amount of new people who just "learned to code" increases exponentially
>can't pass interviews at top 5 companies
>can't pass interviews at less than the top 5 because they model their process after the top 5
>cant pass interviews at startups because they also model after the top 5
>cant get a non programming job because you're "too experienced" and assumed to ask for a lot of money
>cant get a job because you dont have a masters
>cant get a job because you DO have a masters and thats too much education for their tastes
>cant get a job because you didnt go to X school
>cant get a job because you DID go to X school and the interviewer doesn't like that school

It's almost as if being experienced, personable and good at programming isnt enough to get a job anymore
Yeah boyos I dont think this semen slurping "career" is for me
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Can pi4 run Crysis?

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I recently got promoted and the team "allowed" me to have a Thinkpad loaded with Linux, then took away my maxed out Macbook Pro for it. They said it was because I could be trusted with a "proper" system now, and that I'm free to install whatever I want on it. Well guess what? Everything has been fucking awful. The screen is garbage, the battery life is a third of what I had on my Mac, the nib and touchpad are the biggest lie ever sold, and none of my apps work half as well on Linux. I can't even copy stuff into the terminal without using ctrl+shift+v, as opposed to the universal cmd+v on Mac. Fucking kill me, I'm so sad I lost my Mac. It's actually amazing how delusional Linux people are.
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Is it considered rude to fix someone else's code at work?

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So the company I work for relies on a single developer who's busy with other shit too often to fix some substantial automation code which is making me us do more shit manually.

I'm not a developer at this job, but I've written my own automation Python scripts to get me by for now. With all this free time from not having to do shit manually, I was wondering if I should take a look at his Perl code and fix it myself.

I would test it all out before slipping it back into the remote server. But if this all worked out, would he think I'm a piece of shit?
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Tell me about the Indians, why do they scam so much?
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8ch Technologies

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This is a call to the author of posts titled:

"An Anonymous Thesis on the Neutrino-Skyrmion-Tachyon Relationship as it Pertains to Gravity, Temporal Mechanics, and Precognition:"

"Microwave-Induced Carcinomas: A New Hypothesis"

"Novel High-Efficiency Mechanism for Converting Thermal Energy into Electrical Energy at Room Temperature Without the Use of Thermal Gradients'

and others such similarly. Please reply to this thread for a discussion on the scientific and technological material you have provided. As proof that you are who you say you are, please provide the name of a particular Simpsons episode.
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