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AMD won?
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"mil-spec tested" my fucking ass, this thing fell two feet and now the screen is warped, hinge doesnt operate smooth, and the HDD is fried. fucking beyond pissed
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CS Interviewing experience

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I need to vent bros.
I did an interview for a FAANG company, and my girlfriend did one by the same company right after me.
My interview was dry; the interviewer seemed was uninterested. He didn't care for my experiences, any projects, or anything. He didn't seem impressed with my sieve solution even though I solved it in O(n) time. It was extremely uncomfortable. One of my worst interviews ever, really.
The interviewer that interviewed my girlfriend after was different. The guy interviewing her was flirting heavily with her and played along, laughing occasionally; he seemed extremely interested in her project experience and asked her about her work experience, schooling, etc. I heard her give a solution to a minor problem, way easier than mine; she struggled with an O(n^2) solution and didn't even finish it. She straight-up said she didn't even know C++ and strict python (the position was for a C++ engineer).
Shortly after, she got an email asking for a follow-up interview. I got a rejection letter.
Women in tech have it SO much easier. Fuck big tech.
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>junior dev position
>minimum requirements
>at least five years in LANGUAGE1
>at least five years in LANGUAGE2
>at least three years in LANGUAGE3 or LANGUAGE4
>willing to work in demanding high stress environment

Should I apply?
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/g/ bar is open

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Why aren't you at a Halloween party tonight /g/?
I bought a slav costume... Party cancelled by fags in canada due to china virus.
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Why do startups make everything worse?

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>Hippo, a series E bloat based in Palo Alto valued at $1.5 Billion. This unicorn is working on making the process of buying homeowner’s insurance less of a headache. Their refreshing approach is unique because it is proactive. Hippo offers smart home sensors + Hippo Home Care with its policies to prevent claims from being filed.
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dark mode: friend or foe?

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Finally wrote the wrong drive with dd.....
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How's it goin, Haswellbros?

Currently running on an i3 4330. Werks smoothly even with how bloated Windows is. I don't really play games besides Minecraft and shit though.
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