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For a Linux laptop, do you recommend System76, Purism, or something else?
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/hpg/ - Headphones general

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What the fuck is going on with the internet today?

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So why isn’t SailfishOS the recommended /g/ mobile OS?

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Sure it’s a “failed” project but it seems like they’ve actually turned around this year.
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>muh bloat

You know what else is bloated? The human body. And yet it works
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stuck using The Google's android

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>switch to lineageos
>bank app arbitrarily chooses not to work because 'safety'
>tried everything, this fucker still detects it
>go back to original rom
>suddenly works fine
>stuck using proprietary shit

is there anything i can do to make proprietary android less garbage and more lineageos-like?

>inb4 new phone
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Now THAT is what I call technology.

What is the name of that machine?
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How the fuck do you edit their subtitles to do this, and why can't youtube just use the .ASS format?

Why did he do it?

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