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I'm a working student and got an AngularJS project assigned.
AngularJS reaches it's end of life this year. If you had to rewrite said web app which is relatively big and important for the company, what framework/library would you choose for longevity of code, testability etc.?
As of now, I'm tending towards React (Next.js to be specific) because it has a huge community, is properly backed and will likely still be there in a decade (I think).
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Battlestation thread.

Shitty bedroom setup edition
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How to penetrate into the tech industry without knowing to code? Surely not jobs require programming knowledge, right?
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Why do pirates act so smug about getting shit for free? It's like they think they're smarter than your average computer user because they know a few websites and can install a torrent client.
They don't take into account that actually smart people cracked the DRM and paid money so they can leech all that shit. If nobody enabled them to pirate things, they would all drop piracy instantly.
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I'm looking to get a cheap-ish laptop ($2,000 or under) for gaming because my current laptop is absolute garbage. I asked for help in VG but everyone is focused on E3 and would rather be a dick than help.

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz
Installed RAM 4.00 GB (3.84 GB usable)
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

I am looking at Target and I am curious out of what they have in stock, which of these is actually a decent product. (I would have to get 90% of these shipped to my local store)
The games I play on laptop:
Iron Harvest
Iron Harvest currently runs slow as hell with like 10fps and tons of lag (all low settings) on the current laptop so I've never been able to play it, Civ6 likes to hang for minutes at a time, Frostpunk sllllloooooowwwwsss the fuck down after the first 30 days in game, LoL plays just fine, Sc2 is decent.
Select one for me, please. I am not a pc master race gamer, I just want fun stuff on my laptop.
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>Enjoy getting sued for spreading the virus
You sue us, we'll kill you. Simple as.
You ready to die? We are.
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Best way to learn C or C++?

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i've been trying to read and follow tutorials on how to code for them, it's either too lackluster or too basic. what's the chad way to do it?
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How's C++ looking for indie devs?
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Hey bros, is there a general strategy or entry point for hooking into games/applications? I know that runescape bots are able to reference objects in the game directly; how would you do this in a game that isn't written in java? I was thinking about this while playing Toontown, for example
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KDE Wayland

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How viable is KDE Wayland?
Just found out they recently added VRR support which is the main thing keeping me from switching to Linux.
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