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What programming language/stack do I learn to get 300k starting?
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ad revenue comes from clicks right? do normies really click ads? I've used an adblocker for over ten years at this point, so I can't begin to fathom what the internet is like for people that see ads, much less click them. I genuinely can't believe advertising makes companies any money.
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Why do all software people support vax-mandates? I thought they were for freedom just a few years ago?
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how do i get on the Chinese internet ? is it running on a different server or something ?

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The facts is that mosquitoes is attracted to rusty objects is baffling, it’s not unreasonable since haemoglobin which is part of the red blood cells that’s also giving the red rusty colour to the blood cells that’s responsible to the oxygen carriers is consist of fe3+, obviously mosquitoes is highly attracted to haemoglobin the red blood cells, for what reason is up to debate. But what is the point to the discovery? Can it make the mosquitoes traps with rusty objects? How effective is it?

/fat/ - Friendly Apple Thread ()

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AMD Vanilla OpenCore:
OpenCore 0.6.9 - VMware Workstation 16 - AMD Ryzen:

>New to Mac OS?
Q&A Website:
Download a better terminal:
Terminal for beginners:
Comprehensive terminal guide:

>Package Managers

>If you come from a UNIX background
Note that Vim, microEmacs, and Nano come out of the box for editing files. To run programs using X, you need to install XQuartz (recommend way is through MacPorts).

>Useful Mac OS commands

>Assorted list of Mac OS tools
The Unarchiver:

>iPhone / iPad Jailbreak (iPhone 5s - iPhone X, iOS 12.0+) (iOS 13.0 - 13.7) (iOS 11.0 - 14.3)

>iPhone / iPad Sideloading


>Other Resources
For vintage (m68k, PowerPC) devices, check out our friends at
>>>/g/aig and >>>/g/crt
For iPods check out

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Hey /g/,

yesterday when i was reading outside on my laptop it started to rain and my laptop got really wet. I went home, carefully wipe it out and turned it around so it can dry itself up completely.

So of course everything didn't go as planned and now some of the buttons on my keyboard are not working.

What should i do at this point?

Both g and h as well as > and the upper button are not working.

pic not related, that should be obvious.
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A single Windows install lasts you 10 years, while Linux breaks every time you do a major upgrade

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>a single install just works for 10 years, can work for another 10 years with a free update! A single PC can run for 30 years and never lose your data!

>install becomes defunct after a few years, if that because there's always something new that has to go into the next version of the distro
>when you do a major update you can lose all your data and end up sitting at a black screen with a blinking cursor
>freetard on /g/ tells you that you should have backed your shit up lol!
>you literally have to buy an external drive just to make sure you never lose your data with Linux
>you have to go to another distro hoping that it won't destroy your data like the previous one just did
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Please Microsoft, let me in!
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