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is /g/ smart enough to figure this out?
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Some ethical questions about cryptos and the future

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1. Decentralization here and there, a good word, but who is stopping smart contracts or exchanges from becoming the new banks and loan sharks? All those who say "banks get into debt!!11! they print money from nothing!!11!!" but why would it change in better with crypto? Debts will always exist also in crypto world.
2. We have to agree on one fundamental thing: some say cryptocurrencies are useful to block and find money laundering or criminal acts but others say they will have to be more and more anonymous because currently "traditional" payment methods (with credit cards, bank transfers or also cash) are better for privacy (since there is no public blockchain and no public transactions). What do you think that will be the future of cryptos in this regard?
3. I noticed that cryptocurrencies are seen more as a type of investment (so they are kept by people hoping that in the future the value will grow to earn money) rather than being used as real exchange currencies to buy stuff. Also how can they be used as exchange currencies if for example in El Salvador a citizen does his shopping and costs "x" btc and then he arrives home and sees that btc has gone down and therefore he has lost money.... It's not very good.
4. What are the advantages of crypto in general. Why should it be an improvement?

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I'm gonna start using this word now.
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For a Linux laptop, do you recommend System76, Purism, or something else?
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/hpg/ - Headphones general

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What the fuck is going on with the internet today?

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So why isn’t SailfishOS the recommended /g/ mobile OS?

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Sure it’s a “failed” project but it seems like they’ve actually turned around this year.
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>muh bloat

You know what else is bloated? The human body. And yet it works
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stuck using The Google's android

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>switch to lineageos
>bank app arbitrarily chooses not to work because 'safety'
>tried everything, this fucker still detects it
>go back to original rom
>suddenly works fine
>stuck using proprietary shit

is there anything i can do to make proprietary android less garbage and more lineageos-like?

>inb4 new phone
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