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Post images/memes that make iToddlers seethe
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Take me back. Flat shit is zoom shit.
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win32 under WINE is more stable glibc

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GNU isn't Linux and Linux isn't GNU but unless musl suddenly becomes several times faster, I don't think the year of the Linux desktop is ever coming. Well, not unless it involves adding exec wine to everyone's .xprofile.
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it doesnt have chicklet

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is android now dead officially?
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Microsoft and Canonical announce native .NET availability in Ubuntu 22.04 hosts and containers

So what does Canonical get out of it? They're being the repo jannies for .NET 6 for free?

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Why do people trust them?
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can someone explain to me why he’s considered the “greatest programmer of all time”? so he made a few successful games. so did others, on arguably worse constraints back in the day. anyways why would a game dev be considered the best anyways? who else is in the running? what did he do to earn this title? is it just a meme espoused by Leddit that caught on?
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Is IRC dead nowadays?
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/wdg/ - Web Development General

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>Free beginner resources to get started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP - A modern introduction to JavaScript - A good starting point to learn about web dev fundamentals - Quite a good JS tutorial - Curriculum including HTML/CSS/JS, and either Ruby on Rails / SQL, or Node.js / MongoDB - Requires you to have basic web dev, db and git knowledge and - Learn flex/grid in CSS - A decent PHP resource - A PHP tutorial

>List of design resources

>All useful documentation in one place

>Need help? Create an example and post the link - if you need help with HTML/CSS/JS - if you need help with PHP/HackLang - if you need help with React/Angular/Vue

We have our own website:
Submit your project progress updates using this format in your posts, the scraper will pick it up:
:: my-project-title ::
dev:: anon
tools:: Flutter, Php, etc
progress:: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

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