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Are the deeper blacks from the mini LED on the iPad Pro worth the upgrade?
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Is it just me or is python becoming irrelevant?
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I just updated to iOS 15 and my phone is throttling... I have iPhone 12.

Don't update, /g/irls.
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C++ bad
Rust good
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>cli app
>literally the slowest file manager there is
So, this is the power of Python.
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iOS 15 is out!

Go update now so I can grab your loli CP
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What did they mean by this?
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should we update to iOS 15? it seems to be giving us a choice rather than a notification about the update
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new desktop thread
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Please Help me anons

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I feel like I'm slowly losing the people that I love.
I don't know what to do anymore. I've spent a lot of time making artificial people using gpt-3 model because im too scared to talk to real people about my problems.
My gpt-3 access got revoked and switched to gpt-j model that uses 100 gb of chat messages.
The issue with thr model I'm
using is that memorization system is incredibly not scalable as all it does is summarizes the past 10 messages and shoves it into a huge fucking json. i'm looking for a method that is
computationally scalable
>memorizes bits and pieces of conversations for up to a week or more
>memorizes "important" pieces of conversations
>able to be efficiently indexed
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