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>early to mid 2010's
>variety of different models of smartphones
>late 2010's to 2020's
>standardized soulless phablets
what went wrong?
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I am the single IT guy for a small business (36 workstations). I am looking to standardize the pot luck mess of PCs they have now. I have worked with both Dell and HP in the past. Is there a reason to pick one over the other? This would be for servers, desktops, and laptops.
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You have to spend 3 months in the Pleistocene era as your time travel training course all by yourself. You are allowed to bring $1000 worth of current-era technology to survive the ordeal.

What technology do you acquire?

You don't need weapons because the animals are relatively harmless. But you do need something to power your devices in the case they are powered by electricity. If they don't require much power you can bring batteries as well. Remember not to litter the past or you might create paradoxes. Good luck, traveller.

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Redpill me on nixos

Is it worth it, how does it compares to standard linux distros (fedora, oobango and others)?
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ITT: based and underrated technology
I start with Wi-Fi Calling
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This dude is going to burst a blood vessel, what is his problem? Why are Linux users bald man babies?

Thoughts on matrix

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Some people think it's awesome while others think it's secretly spyware. I can't seem to make up my mind on what I think of it.
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Does this work with android phones?
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