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>stuck at 1809
>not intended for typical desktop usage
Why does /g/ act like it's for everyone?


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Sup network bros,

I'm taking the CCNA tomorrow, and was hoping you guys would have some tips. If you have taken it before, what was the area that gave you the most trouble, and what do you wish you could have studied more on? Are still terminal simulations, or is it all multiple choice now?

Thanks bros
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Will this burn your house down if it fails?
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So with these tris' coordinates',
the matrix used to project them to screen means the u,v,w coordinates will be nominally "deformed" by the equation, as such as u=x+z means the horizontal coordinates will be made of x and z added, thus will expand along with both value;

an x=15, and z=10 means u will be 25; horizontal positioned at that distance relative to camera... is this correct?

Sine there is no way to prove these logic unless i use a computer of sorts..

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What would he say, if he saw today's world?
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/emg/ - Friendly Emacs/Lisp General

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/emg/ is NOT DEAD edition

>General Emacs resources (GNU Emacs Manual) (Emacs Wiki) (Big List of Packages)

C-h t (Interactive Tutorial) (GNU Emacs Tour) ((Youtube) General Introduction) ((Youtube) Org Mode) ((Youtube) Advanced Configuration)

>(Self) Documentation
C-h k (Keybinds)
C-h f (Functions)
C-h v (Variables)
C-h i (Assorted Manuals)

>Premade Configs
=Make your own= (Doom Emacs) (Spacemacs (heavy)) (Witchmacs (Basic config with sane defaults))

>Reduce Startup Time
use-package defer (embed) (Disable GC During Startup) (Emacs as Daemon) (Native Compilation, experimental)

>Changing Default Keybinds (embed) (Changing Emacs Default Keybinds)

>Programming resources for Emacs Lisp, Common Lisp, Scheme and Clojure: (embed)

If there seems to be a bug (or complicated issue), anons may ask you to compose an MWE (minimum working example).
To create an MWE, try the following:
1) start emacs with "emacs -q". This disables your init.
2) try to reproduce your issue with as few settings changed and packages (manually) loaded as possible.
These steps ensure that other anons can replicate your problem if it's something more involved. Sometimes you even find the cause yourself this way, too!

(setq prev-thread >>82057258)
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You wake up one day and discover that you are living in the year 2200.
What is the first thing you search online?
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Is leetcode a good way to become a programmer. I am thinking of becoming a programmer but I studied English in college. Now I am thinking of being a programmer I been working hard on the python and looking at code chef and leet code will this be enough. I feel I am not smart enough to come up with good project.
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So how many of you fellow sheepdogs hide guns in your PC?

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I actually bought a herman miller aeron and it is making scratching/squeaking sounds after 2 months

are $1k + chairs really a meme or am I just unlucky
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