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Have you ever had a /g/ crush?

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There's this really cute nerdy dork guy I'm friends with... he's all nerdy and dumb talking about what distros he uses and how he switches all the time but it's so cute... he talks about a bunch of stuff I have no idea about like a "Tiling WM" but I pretend I know wtf he's talking about to make him happy, he's so so cute, I think about kissing him daily even though we're both boys...

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Why don't you have a blog, /g/?
Are you an uninteresting person?
Do you just consoom stuff and then live to consoom new stuff?
Instead of writing trashy blogposts here, you could put them on your website and have some semblance of permanence so people can actually benefit from your opinions instead of being forced to refresh the catalog to see your posts.
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why don't more websites look like this?
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/iemg/ + /pmp/ - in-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General

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Wired-Less edition

This thread is for the discussion of portable media players and in-ear monitors.

•Why use a PMP instead of a phone?
>better DAC/AMP
>more output power so it can drive higher impedance headphones
>smaller sizes than phones for activities like exercise
>physical buttons
>headphone jacks
>some people can't use smartphone at work/use dumbphones

•How to request advice:
>Source (phone or PMPs)
>Kind (in-ears or earbuds)
>Sound Signature (or genres you like, important!)
>Past gear and your thoughts on them (important!)

/iemg/ Hall of Fame:
• [insert meme here]
• Tin Audio T2/T2 Plus/T4
• BLON BL03/Tripowin Mele
• Etymotic ER2/ER4
• Tanchjim Hana 2021/Oxygen
• Ikko OH10
• The one you enjoy using

/pmp/ Hall of Fame:
• Your phone
• Hiby R3 Pro / Pro Saber
• Sony nwa55

/USB/BT DAC/ Hall of Fame:
• Your DAP
• Qudelix 5K
• Fiio BTR5

/TWS/ Hall of Fame:
• None, stop asking

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Are small-form factor PC's a bad idea if you are working with large / high-end parts?

I got a 3080ti (Gigabyte version) from the newegg shuffle and a 5950X and I'd like to build a mini-ITX, but I'm worried it will catch on fire
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Can a solar flare destroy all electronics on earth or what else can do it?
Flesh----> technology
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>muh bloat

You know what else is bloated? The human body. And yet it works
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