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sketching tools

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notice to School students and engineering students: I designed a sketching tools that can be printed on a 3D printer and the STL files are open to everyone.

There are a total of 3 tools: a circle drawing (simple compass), a cube drawing tool and a cylinder drawing tool. These tools are useful for students who do not use a tablet (hope this helps you):
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/spg/ - Smartphone General

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Moto G9 Play Edition

If you're requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you'll be using. Include the features you want, budget, and size. BEFORE POSTING, narrow down your options by using the links below.

>What phone has X and Y feature?
Don't ask, use these!

Good Resources:

>Frequency Checker

>Visual Phone Size Comparison

>Everything rooting and custom ROM related
>Beware carrier specific phone variants that have locked bootloaders

>Recommended Chinkphones

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone

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/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread

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Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and share their experiences.
Tell us about tools, utilities, configs, tips & tricks that enhance your life with Windows (ReactOS users are also welcome).

Remember: notice the friendly - please be civil when possible.

>Choosing, downloading, installing, activating windows/office, useful resources & recommended software infograph (/fwt/ paste)

Frequently Asked Questions:
>Which version should I get?
>Where can I get the ISOs?
>What the fuck is an .svf file?
>What does LTSC 2019 have?
>How do I verify the ISOs aren't fake/infected?
>How do I activate Windows?
>How do I change to a different edition post-install?
>How do I disable backported telemetry in 8.1/7?
>What software do you recommend/should I install?
See paste. (your other unmentioned question is probably here, too)

>How do I debloat Windows 10 1803-2004?
Offline (pre-installation): Optimize-Offline
Online (live installation): / W10Privacy
Don't mix offline & online tools with each other.

>Do I really need to debloat it?
If you had to ask, probably not.

>Can you get the Ryzen scheduler on LTSC 2019?
No. Wait for LTSC 2022, or use SAC (semi-annual channel) editions.

>Can I upgrade to LTSC 2019?
Only from a previous LTSC build w/o doing the upgradematrix hack in paste.

>Is Windows 10 2004 OK? How about 20H2?
Only Education & Enterprise. 20H2 is a small upgrade like 1909 but it's worth waiting a couple weeks or so, just in case.

>I already run Windows 7, but don't want to clean install?
The non-LTSC installers can upgrade.

>Are homebrew ISOs safe to use (Gen2/Ameliorated)?
Depending on trust&rep, almost never. Most of the time these are unverifiable and unreproducible.

/fwt/ spammer filter (4chanX):

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Let me guess, you NEED more.
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>$1000 GPUs, literally twice the price of a next gen console

Where did it all go so wrong?

Did the crypto boom make everyone retarded?
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>the $650 6800XT is faster than the $1500 RTX 3900
how will novidiots ever recover?
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/ptg/ - Private Trackers General

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>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to educate everyone - from unwashed ????terate masses to aspiring students - on matters relevant to closed centralized communities for sensitive autists, aka PT aka private trackers. These matters include but are not limited to: info about liability for actions in and outside the US, internet routing and vpns, cryptography and hashes, security with contexts provided of forum hacks, scams & database leaks, private trackers btfoing etc., likbez on bittorrent, media codecs
we need to work together with neons in order to someone or something to prosper i guess

>Have a question?
- FAQ (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)
- PYRAMID (Updated 2020-04-19)
- TEN CURRY COMMANDMENTS (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)
- TEN NEON COMMANDMENTS (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)
- IRC irc://

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

>Remember the following:
>It doesn't matter if you use the same username in different trackers, the staff still share your IP with each other.
>Staff is reading, being /marked/ is NOT a meme.
>Don't ask for invites, it's private for a reason.
>If you want to rank up on RED, spam recent deezer shit with deemix/smloadr.

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What can be done about the automation menace

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and what would you do if you were in his position, /g/?
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>Front-end Developer
>Bouldering gym membership
>macbook pro
>Asian girlfriend
>500$ in shitcoin
>Nintendo switch

What did he mean by this

Radeon RX 6900 can't touch this!

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Look at how fast the card renders with Blender + Optix.

This is something out of this world.

Unless Radeon can do something like this. I will buy Nvidia!

Cry more AMDfags.
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