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An interview with Director Natsume has just been released. No info about the blonde girl yet but there's a Q&A this 17.

>The String Theory was used to create the setting.
>The BD will include information about every student and their fates.
>Natsume believes Nagara will become friends with Nozomi someday and who she ends up with is not set in stone.
>Nagara's ending is a happy one
>Mizuho' theme was connected to motherhood. She came back to the real world to have a child.
>Nagara was planning to confess in episode 9
>Mizuho's power was of stillness. It returns to the state before the observation by superimposing it again with that power.
>Nagara and co could have returned to their original world but Nagara chose to follow Nozomi's light.
>Mizuho was depressed so she pretended not to remember Nagara.