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Get hyped for Stone Ocean
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Iino Miko's VICTORY

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Iino Miko's VICTORY
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I wish we knew some actual details of Satou's childhood.
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Dragon Maid S

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Would you eat Tohru?
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Hunter x Hunte

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>Hunter x Hunter isn't like other shonen anime, you can't just bring people back, when they die they stay dead!
>except for all those characters that got reincarnated as furries
>also Gon had to make the ultimate sacrifice to gain his tremendous power, he didn't just train and power up, he's basically dead!
>oh wait Killua can reverse it using this bullshit deus ex machina that can grant any wish, but the wish comes at a terrible price!
>except when Killua does it, he can wish for anything and get it without paying a price, isn't that convenient

Daily Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Chapter

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Gen no Abyss

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Gen confirmed to be gay for Reiji.

Gen recalls the past...
After killing Reiji's dad with a knife, Yuko comes and grabs the knife off of Gen's hand.
Yuko: Don't you worry, I'll protect you until the end of your life.

Gen and his father buries Reiji's dads corpse.
Reiji: If you want to repeat the same thing, bury me with Nagi here.

Throughout 4 consecutive pages they're confessing passionately about how they feel.
Last page, Gen tells Reiji that he likes him.
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Snek is Love.
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