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The Breaker 3rd season

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3rd season confirmed this year as a webtoon

finnally after all these year we will see again the best girl Sosul
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Nino Nakano (中野二乃)

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Has there ever been a worse plot decision in manga?
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Daily Voynich Hotel Chapter

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24 Days...
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Akagi Storytime Volume 16

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It's been 15 days since the 30th anniversary of Akagi's serialization in Kindai Mahjong

Akagi vs Washizu continues with the end of the Fifth Hanchan being delayed by Akagi's honbas

Volume 1 >>223217516
Volume 2 >>223273470
Volume 3 >>223331323
Volume 4 >>223390647
Volume 5 >>223448283
Volume 6 >>223504496
Volume 7 >>223559659
Volume 8 >>223613308
Volume 9 >>223670964
Volume 10 >>223727220
Volume 11 >>223777276
Volume 12 >>223830541
Volume 13 >>223884787
Volume 14 >>223933208
Volume 15 >>223986213
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Higurashi Gou/Sotsu

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Hanyuu and Rika a kiseki of the universe
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moshi moshi, yuno desu
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Do you like to analyse anime?
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I saw Children of the Sea in theaters yesterday and it was amazing. What did you think of it? I'm interested in hearing other people's interpretation of the film or manga.

Ayakashi Triangle

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Is this... is this an appropriate one liner for a Shonen hero?
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