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Extreme Hearts

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Enter Saki.

The STRONGEST Striker in Japan.

Why? Because everytime she steps onto the field she fights for the love of her Idol.

1 hour until new episode
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Shaman king

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>spends the whole manga trying to stop the antagonist from ethnically cleansing 99.99% of the world
>gets to the end
>nah you're right humans are trash
What the absolute fuck was his malfunction
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I want to get off Mr. Anno's wild ride.
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Why did DBZ become so popular?

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Jahy-sama my beloved!
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Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

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Chapter 102 is up
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One Punch Man

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>Can copy power through technique.
>Isn’t absorbing power so he’s actually creating power with information.
>Has the processing power and memory to learn an advanced technique in his sleep, after reading it once, and also nearly invent time travel mid-fight.
>Theoretically could have just imagined/simulated the power of a stronger Saitama or a Saitama from the future and copied that.
>Strictly recreated the power of the Saitama in front him.
>Didn’t even enhance that power with Awakening Breath or Exploding Heart Release.
>The only abilities he combined with Saitama Mode were amateur portals and one (1) nuclear fission punch.
>Wasn’t using Saitama Mode during the one combo he got on Saitama.
>He only used the Gamma Ray Burst (the one non-Saitama Mode ability that seemed to do anything) once.
What a retard.
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Was this scene necessary?
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I am deeply madly in love with Chisato


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Is it worth watching?
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