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One Piece

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How will Yamato get along with Nami and Robin?
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Yugioh Sevens

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subs are out
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>Utawarerumono season 3 announced a long ass time ago
>multiple people involved in it died
>no news since
Is there any hope that it will be good if it even comes out?
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What are your predictions about Walpurgis no Kaiten?

Hunter x Hunter

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How did Killua get in with a needle in his forehead when implants are clearly not allowed?
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Daily K-On! Shuffle Chapter

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Now That's Determination!

Chapter 23
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Code Geass

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Lelouch did nothing wrong
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Chainsaw Man

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isn't that sweet, Kobeni is serving Pochita a burger at Family Burger without any horrible consequences and is doing a capable job.
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OPbros, Conanbros...we finally made it. Rejoice.
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Who is the biggest hack in manga?

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