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One Punch Man

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>Can copy power through technique.
>Isn’t absorbing power so he’s actually creating power with information.
>Has the processing power and memory to learn an advanced technique in his sleep, after reading it once, and also nearly invent time travel mid-fight.
>Theoretically could have just imagined/simulated the power of a stronger Saitama or a Saitama from the future and copied that.
>Strictly recreated the power of the Saitama in front him.
>Didn’t even enhance that power with Awakening Breath or Exploding Heart Release.
>The only abilities he combined with Saitama Mode were amateur portals and one (1) nuclear fission punch.
>Wasn’t using Saitama Mode during the one combo he got on Saitama.
>He only used the Gamma Ray Burst (the one non-Saitama Mode ability that seemed to do anything) once.
What a retard.
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What do you think about the ban on love?
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Lycoris Recoil

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>show her in just a bra and panties when she's at home
>show her in her underwear during the changing scene
>show her showing her panties to Takina (even if we didn't see her panties on-screen)
>show her removing her panties after discovering ths joy of boxers
>show her sitting on the toilet and using it, with Walnut thinking she's pooping
>show Takina accidentally smelling her ass
>show her wearing a sexy red dress which doesn't have sleeves
>show her freely showing her armpits
What's with all the Chisato fanservice in the show? Why do the animators keep lewding her? Why do said animators have such great tastes?
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itt off-brand equivalents
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Chainsaw Man's popularity feels like a fucking psyop. I was told this shit is peak fiction and will forever change my view of shonen with its Evangelion-tier reconstruction, so I read it in one sitting, and it's just not very fucking good. The story is short and unimpactful, the characters are just there, the artwork is wonky, the humor is just early South Park tier, and it felt like I will forget this whole damn thing in T-minus 30 days.
Where's the fucking genre-defining genius? How did this shitpost become the darling of the entire community?
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The Witch and the Beast Anime

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>Kousuke Satake's Manga "The Witch and the Beast" (Majo to Yajuu) – TV Anime Adaptation.
Wtf bros, this completely came out of left field! What Studio do you think can do the manga justice?
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Let's Watch Ojamajo Doremi episode 4

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Saturday means Ojamajo Doremi time! This is where we make new fans, and also where old fans can re-watch, remember, and discuss this wonderful, wonderful show.

Season 1, episode 4. Original air date, Feb 28th, 1999.
It's Not Scary if We're All Witches.
Doremi's secret has been exposed to her best friend Hazuki and their new friend, Aiko. But when she decides to reveal everything, Majorika sees no other choice but to make them Apprentice Witch too and that they will also have to help run the shop. This inspires the girls to remodel it and give it a new name, but will Majorika accept that?

Download the whole show, or just this episode:
Or download just episode 4:
Need direct links to the previous two episodes too?
Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:

Also, stick around for the eventual Anon-organized streams, for the weekly watchalongs.

Wholesome discussion and images encouraged, as we seek to be a welcoming place for newcomers.
Lewd and weird posts are probably unavoidable, but please keep them to a minimum, and don't derail the thread.

Happy Lucky Minna ni To~doke!
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The MC of the last anime you watched or manga you read is partnered with pic related, how does it go?
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Four Knights of the Apocalypse

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Volume 8 extras are out.
Posting translation by FKS.
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