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2 boys x 2 girls groups is better than harems in anime when it comes to main characters
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>"Futaribocchi no OtaSaa no Hime" by Coolkyousinnjya will end with Chapter 100 in Young Jump issue #2022/39, out Thursday, August 25.

young jump bros....
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Kaiji Chapter 430

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Delinquent manga thread

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After about half a year we've got 17 (seventeen) chapters of Rokudenashi Blues uploaded today.

Soon, we will be at the arc where the 4 Kings unite.
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The Witch and the Beast Anime

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>Kousuke Satake's Manga "The Witch and the Beast" (Majo to Yajuu) – TV Anime Adaptation.
Wtf bros, this completely came out of left field! What Studio do you think can do the manga justice?
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Weekly Shonen Sunday

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This week's TOC

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Holy shit just when you think Hunter x Hunter can't deliver anymore, it does so without releasing any new chapter. This parallelism right here is amazing
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Fairy Tail

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Jobber form
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Is it worth watching?
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Super Cub

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Super Cub