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Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway

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Did /a/ like the adventures of Bright's fuck up son?

One Piece Volume 037 Storytime

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Jashin-chan Dropkick

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Sure is a lack of snek around here...
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This is the best harem anime of the 20s.
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Watari-Kun No Xx Ga Houkai Sunzen 63 raw

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Second season never ever
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He literally did NOTHING wrong.
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So uh... he just jerked himself off about muh ideals for thousands of years?
Then he realized it was stupid and tried to kill himself?
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Jump ToC issue #29

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ToC's finally here, with an amazing placement for Blue Box! Next week we're starting what seems to be a 2-new series batch, with Red Hood on the cover and color pages for Black Clover, Mission: Yozakura Family and Magu-chan!
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>i dont remember lmao
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