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Sailor Moon

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Usagi Tsukino is supposed to be short and chubby. So, why is she always drawn to look tall and skinny?
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Kunoichi Sazanka

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We'll never get an official meme dub like Ghost Stories ever again.
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why is purity the greatest quality for anime women to have?
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Love Live!

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Natsumi is so cute
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Lycoris Recoil

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>show her in just a bra and panties when she's at home
>show her in her underwear during the changing scene
>show her showing her panties to Takina (even if we didn't see her panties on-screen)
>show her removing her panties after discovering ths joy of boxers
>show her sitting on the toilet and using it, with Walnut thinking she's pooping
>show Takina accidentally smelling her ass
>show her wearing a sexy red dress which doesn't have sleeves
>show her freely showing her armpits
What's with all the Chisato fanservice in the show? Why do the animators keep lewding her? Why do said animators have such great tastes?
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>prez blushing
it's over for Nagacucko
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Characters who seem smart at first until you realize that they are actually completely retarded.
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Why did DBZ become so popular?

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