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Girl Crush storytime

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I'm enjoying this series a lot despite not being into shoujoshit, but it doesn't get enough attention because it's on a register-to-read website. So today I'll be dumping the 10 translated chapters.

>What's it about?
Stacy tries to become a gook idol in order to assert dominance over her koreaboo rival. It's a Japanese series, just in case some backseat mod can't read.
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Monday Joe Storytime

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Weekly Ashita no Joe Storytime
I'll be dumping a volume every Monday and Friday, come join in on the action and witness a legend

Volume 1
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>another tsunshit wins again
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the real question is why the original Shinji and Asuka Soryu didn't make it to the Rebuild universe?
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What are your honest thoughts on the inclusion of netorare elements in anime stories?
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Chapter 133

If your students are feeling emotionally vulnerable, get them alone and naked so you can make them feel better.
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>The heroine's main sexual appeal is her thighs
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Iino Miko's VICTORY

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Iino Miko's VICTORY
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