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Shingeki no Kyojin

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Has there ever been an ending so thorough in how it retroactively ruins everything that had occurred up to that point? Even the "good" and well-liked scenes in the final act still manage to be completely absurd and ridiculously contrived if you give them even a moment of thought beyond what's being presented in that exact moment.
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why are they so perfect together?
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Jump ToC issue #29

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ToC's finally here, with an amazing placement for Blue Box! Next week we're starting what seems to be a 2-new series batch, with Red Hood on the cover and color pages for Black Clover, Mission: Yozakura Family and Magu-chan!
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Akagi Storytime Volume 17

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It's been 16 days since the 30th anniversary of Akagi's serialization in Kindai Mahjong

Akagi vs Washizu continues on to the beginning of the Sixth Hanchan

Volume 1 >>223217516
Volume 2 >>223273470
Volume 3 >>223331323
Volume 4 >>223390647
Volume 5 >>223448283
Volume 6 >>223504496
Volume 7 >>223559659
Volume 8 >>223613308
Volume 9 >>223670964
Volume 10 >>223727220
Volume 11 >>223777276
Volume 12 >>223830541
Volume 13 >>223884787
Volume 14 >>223933208
Volume 15 >>223986213
Volume 16 >>224032316
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Record of Ragnarok

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It's out
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Is there any difference between using isekai charm magic on people and winning their heart your charisma and appearance, since at the end of day, they affect the target with outside influences?
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Boku no Hero Academia

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As long as someone is in danger somewhere, he will keep moving forward.
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itt: anime everyone loves but you dont like

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Take your pick.
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Who is the sexiest loli in anime?
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