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Jahy-sama my beloved!
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Why are naked loli vampires so common in anime and manga?
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France and Japan are the only peoples who ever truly understood aesthetics and how to make comics and cartoons right.
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Eden zero 203

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Dumping from mobile in the middle of my work out session so might be slow but I have a pass so I'll try my best.v
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imouto vs onee

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Can the war between older and younger sister fans ever be settled peacefully?

I can't see a future where incest threads aren't divisive battlegrounds between these two factions.
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Lycoris Recoil

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>show her in just a bra and panties when she's at home
>show her in her underwear during the changing scene
>show her showing her panties to Takina (even if we didn't see her panties on-screen)
>show her removing her panties after discovering ths joy of boxers
>show her sitting on the toilet and using it, with Walnut thinking she's pooping
>show Takina accidentally smelling her ass
>show her wearing a sexy red dress which doesn't have sleeves
>show her freely showing her armpits
What's with all the Chisato fanservice in the show? Why do the animators keep lewding her? Why do said animators have such great tastes?
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Novel's table of contents teased by Shinkai. Apparently the story will happen over a period of a couple days.

Day 1:
>Where I Always Go in My Dreams
>A Beautiful Person Just Like That Scenery
>What Only We Can See
>Everyone Whispers That It's Time to Start

Day 2:
>Searching for Cats in Ehime
>So Now the Direction I Should Run Is...
>I'm a Wizard Because of You

Day 3:
>Cross the Strait
>Memories of Four People
>A Door You Can't Enter, You Shouldn't Go
>Night Parties and Lonely Dreams

Day 4:
>I Can See It, But the Wind Doesn't Care
>Garden-Like Room
>If The Empty Stopper Came Out

That's what we have so far. Novel comes out next week on August 24th.
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What is this guy so depressed about?
He's only 22 and can easily go back to college and come out at 26 and that wouldn't be that old. He's practically a kid still barely older than zoomers you see nowadays.
This series would have had more weight if he was in his mid 30s at least, but anime for some reason is allergic to having old people as protaganists.
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buy a bussin figure
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Kouya Ni Kemono Doukokusu

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Volume 12
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