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itt off-brand equivalents
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Satania's birthday

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Today is her birthday, /a/
say something nice to this devil
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>high school student falls in love with old sensei
>beautiful animation
>blueballed ending
Why'd he fuckin ruin it? cinema is loaded with blatant pedo garbage and lolita knockoffs. Would it hurt so bad to show the only benign kind of ephebephilia? (Old female on young male)
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Would you guys play a Shone Jump Musou?

Darker than black

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Help me understand the ending
>shion created a copy of the earth and all its people? Why? Just to give suo and July clones a peaceful world?
>was shion the izanagi? Or was it hei?
>izanagi and izanami met and created the world ending person in the box?
>are hei and yin alive?
>did Mao give madam the squirrel dick?

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Do you thank Zero no Tsukaima for creating modern Isekai?
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>Chainsaw Man is a masterpiece because it has good reviews
>did I read it?
>of course not, I just saw my favorite youtuber talk about it lol
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Why did DBZ become so popular?

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