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Daily Voynich Hotel Chapter

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24 Days...
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Late thread, hopefully TS and PR anons are around.
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Anime for this feel?

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Well? Their shows finally about to wrap up!

Thoughts on it so far?
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Seriously speaking, who is the most powerful female character from shonens of all time?

Also who is the most badass one?
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Who are your favourite anime/manga Elves
Fuck dwarves
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The gaiden and the light novels are really important for the story are they going to animate it?

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I'm sure you didn't even know Love was Rengoku disciple

Fire Force

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Kumiko is sexy
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All right, I did a survey of what teenage male protagonists were actually like from the early to mid 80's.
This is around 70% of boy protagonists age 12 - 20 from the period, I probably missed a few from sports anime. Additionally I only included ones from actual TV series, none from TV movies.