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Chainsaw Man

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isn't that sweet, Kobeni is serving Pochita a burger at Family Burger without any horrible consequences and is doing a capable job.
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"Those who do not save the weak cannot call themselves strong."

Ainz recalled the words from his former guild member and friend, Touch Me. Ainz Ooal Gown only recruited members who were employed in the real world. While Touch Me had previously been a talented painter, he became a salary man after his wife's cancer took a turn for the worse.

In the real world, Touch Me was bitter at how his life had turned out, his high school sweetheart and beautiful wife was now barren and sick, and his dreams of becoming a renown artist died alongside his wife's miscarriage. Touch Me had told Momonga in confidence that their marriage was loveless, a relationship held solely together through routine and familiarity.

Touch Me was a Hero in Yggdrasil, A World Champion who could save the weak from those who prey on them. In reality, he couldn't save his best friend from the cancer that plagued her.

Ainz also recalled the day Touch Me played Yggdrasil for the last time. His wife's cancer was only getting worse, forcing him to work more shifts to afford her medication. "Touch-san, please come back again some time, I will be here when you do" said Ainz.

"That's right, we'll meet again. Somewhere, some day" Touch Me said with little confidence. On that day, Touch Me's name disappeared from the guild roster.

Setting his Full-Dive headset down, Naoto Hachioji turned to see his sleeping wife, bone thin from her cancer treatment. With a sigh, he knelt by her, placing a kiss on her cheek. "I miss when she smiled".

ITT: Characters that never needed to exist

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Only the most unneeded, useless characters. The anime would've upgraded without her at all.
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>"sniff my footcheese loser"
what do?

I've been reading this recently

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It's quite good, really unique how it starts so early in their relation and goes way past the usual "confession->immediatly ends". They're actually showing everything, can't get enough of these two autists
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Daily Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Chapter

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Kaguya speedTL

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>what are you doing in a place like this
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