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>jailed for murder
>"just forget about it"
Is Kirito a psychopath?
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Kaiji Chapter 430

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The most influential manga of all time.

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Machikado Mazoku

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Momo is keeping an eye on Shamiko
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>annoying passive-aggressive MC who insists the guy has to make the first move after luring him to a hotel is waifu material
>assertive kouhai who sends maid picture just for the man is shit
>the other assertive senpai who is confident and cool is also shit
Do virgins really?

Delinquent manga thread

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After about half a year we've got 17 (seventeen) chapters of Rokudenashi Blues uploaded today.

Soon, we will be at the arc where the 4 Kings unite.
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Anyone reading Muse? The newest romcom from Shonen Magazine
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I want to get off Mr. Anno's wild ride.
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I am deeply madly in love with Chisato