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Another HxH Thread

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Did anyone else find it impossible to take these guys seriously? They all act like idiot clowns and have absolutely nothing to back up their supposed "strength". I don't see what's preventing Killua from removing all of their hearts in a split second like he did that strangler guy during the exam.
They're just "nen users" but somehow despite having distinct abilities and specialties, they all have superhuman abilities? Poor Uvogin put all his points into becoming bulletproof but apparently you get that kind of power just by having nen?

One Piece

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Chopper is the worst post timeskip strawhat he doesn't do anything important and is just overall shit compared to how he was ore time skip
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Thread

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Local Ignis is literally too SMART to lose a Duel.
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Otherside Picnic

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Vol5 dropped recently, vol6 in 2 months.

Is there any chance it will get another anime?
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Daily Oddman 11 chapter

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Chapter 14: What Are You Looking For
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Why does this show make /a/ seethe so much?
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JKs are the most powerful creatures in the world.
When a JK acquires twintails her power increases exponentially.


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How will he fuck it up now?
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the real question is why the original Shinji and Asuka Soryu didn't make it to the Rebuild universe?
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