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Another HxH Thread

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Did anyone else find it impossible to take these guys seriously? They all act like idiot clowns and have absolutely nothing to back up their supposed "strength". I don't see what's preventing Killua from removing all of their hearts in a split second like he did that strangler guy during the exam.
They're just "nen users" but somehow despite having distinct abilities and specialties, they all have superhuman abilities? Poor Uvogin put all his points into becoming bulletproof but apparently you get that kind of power just by having nen?

Iino Miko's VICTORY

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Iino Miko's VICTORY
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OPbros, Conanbros...we finally made it. Rejoice.
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Does it still hold up, /a/?

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this is the most hideous female character in manga history

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What did Aiko do so wrong for Punpun to hate her that much. I really don't get what's his problem.
Call the police. Explain the situation. Spend the rest of your life having a happy life full of sex with your cute childhood crush.
Was it really that hard?
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Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! Ch. 64 Typeset

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Sorry for the wait. Dumping the typeset for Jahy Ch. 64
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It's already the 19th of September in Japan, so happy birthday Chiya! It's also two days away from tsukimi or the autumn moon festival. That's how Japanese she is.

What do you like the most about Chiya other than her huge honkers?
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Post one page from the last manga you read
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>the witch and the beast
>the dragon, the hero and the courier
>dungeon meshi
>magus of the library
>Heterogenia Linguistico
>witch hat atelier
>verndio, aka Helck 2

Whoever tells you that the isekai trend killed fantasy is full of shit, there are plenty of great ongoing fantasy series.
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