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Daily Voynich Hotel Chapter

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24 Days...
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AiPla, Prichan, Mewkledreamy

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Still no AiPla news the wait is killing me
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This is the best harem anime of the 20s.
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Have you ever noticed that Asuka and Rin are basically the same character?

>both are tsunderes
>both have the same partial-twintail haircut
>both wear red
>both have blue eyes
>both speak german
>both are objectively the worst girl of their respective series
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>962 sales
egg bros, I don't feel so good... for the animators I mean, I still really like WEP
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Zombieland Saga Revenge

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everyone ignores this series and tries to bait about the sales being lower than season 1 even though they're higher than anything else this season.
what gives? why is a show about cute zombies doing cute things and full of sasuga hated?
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Fire Force

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Yuko no Abyss

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This is Yuko Kurose
She is Reiji's mom
She is Esemori's ex
She may be dying this chapter
Say something nice about her
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Protecting the peace in town, they are the Mitsuboshi Colors!