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Vanitas no Carte

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New PV with second best girl is up
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The gaiden and the light novels are really important for the story are they going to animate it?

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I'm sure you didn't even know Love was Rengoku disciple
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berserk discussion thread

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could current guts survive the eclipse? how far could he go?


Boruto: Next Generations

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It's a sad fact that Naruto is a better father to Kawaki than Boruto.

Btw, what developments would you like to see before the timeskip? Can we hope for an Awakened Sharingan of Sarada?

I personally hope the Shins make a return in that regard, perhaps as a training partner(s).
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What is Rustle up to these days/
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1 week away from the end of the season.

Which shows were your favorites, dissapointments and pleasant surprises so far?
Hard mode: Give justification
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Fuck Setsuna.

That is all.
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>saves gundam
Absolute mecha kino, how did they do it?
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