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ITT: Characters who canonically fuck like rabbits.
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The 70s are cited by many influential animators and directors to be the true golden age of anime, yet only the otaku pandering slop of the 80s and 90s get circlejerked here. Why does this board have such poor taste in even old anime and disregard this important era for japanese animation?
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Seirei Gensouki

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Final episode. We're crashing this wedding.
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We claim Jahy!
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Hunter x Hunte

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>Hunter x Hunter isn't like other shonen anime, you can't just bring people back, when they die they stay dead!
>except for all those characters that got reincarnated as furries
>also Gon had to make the ultimate sacrifice to gain his tremendous power, he didn't just train and power up, he's basically dead!
>oh wait Killua can reverse it using this bullshit deus ex machina that can grant any wish, but the wish comes at a terrible price!
>except when Killua does it, he can wish for anything and get it without paying a price, isn't that convenient


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Chapter 133

If your students are feeling emotionally vulnerable, get them alone and naked so you can make them feel better.
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When does ecchi become hentai?
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yoko or nia?
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