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Boku no hero academia

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Will Shigaraki present Bakugou's corpse to Deku like he said he would? Or was he just talking out of his ass
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Seriously speaking, why does MHA have so many hot macho adult males? No one shonen from the old big three and the new big three can compare.
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Chainsaw Man

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One Piece

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ITT favorite fan art that's not focused on sex appeal
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Mushoku Tensei

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Time to discuss the AOTY of 2021. The savior of isekai the GOD of narou.
What are your hopes for S2?
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What is this guy so depressed about?
He's only 22 and can easily go back to college and come out at 26 and that wouldn't be that old. He's practically a kid still barely older than zoomers you see nowadays.
This series would have had more weight if he was in his mid 30s at least, but anime for some reason is allergic to having old people as protaganists.
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Chainsaw Man

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Break week is over. GET IN HERE!
Chapter 102
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Jashin-chan Dropkick

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Will we see season 4?
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why is purity the greatest quality for anime women to have?
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