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ANISON MATRIX!! -アニソンマトリクス-

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All right everyone, strap in because this is the busiest time of the month for MOGRA. First we got Matrix going on, then we got a whole lot of superb events (and vtumor) until the jam packed Anniversary! Seriously, have you checked it out yet? Day 2 is 16 hours! Day 1 is your best bet for mostly weeb shit while the rest will have a nice combination of weeb and good shit. If you haven't submitted your PTO or sick time, might as well submit it now! In any case, lets get back to Matrix: two special guest is ハナカミリュウ and droplamp so get your vibes in check because...


23:00 - 23:40 Oblongar VJ: COCOA*
23:40 - 00:20 D-YAMA VJ: DeLPi
00:20 - 01:00 esupa VJ: COCOA*
01:00 - 01:40 ハナカミリュウ VJ: DeLPi
01:40 - 02:20 HokBoy VJ: COCOA*
02:20 - 03:00 droplamp k VJ: COCOA*
03:00 - 03:40 melo VJ: DeLPi
03:40 - 04:20 kei。 VJ: COCOA*
04:20 - 05:00 chefoba VJ: DeLPi

For more info: 2022/08/06/4609/

For the Anons, Janitors and Mods that doesn't know what Mogra is.
MOGRA is a stream of UNTZ in a club from Akiba.
It's an otaku club. Pretty much all the music played is OP and ED remixes of ANIME series.
/a/ has been streaming it from quite some time and it even has stickys in New Years Day. (Sticky I) (Sticky II)

Matric should return on Sept 3rd at the usual time. Anniversary Day 1 starts at 8/26 at 21:00 to 05:00 then Anniversary Day 2 starts at 8/27 at 12:00 to 20:00, then follow by an hour break for Day 2.5 which is 21:00 - 05:00 and then Day 3 from 14:00 - 22:00.