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Higurashi Sotsu

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This Goat is now a songstress in a Geah.
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Precure Thread

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This man-god is the most honest figure that you'll ever meet in your life. I mean, just look at that sexy unbuttoned figure of his. Definitely trustworthy for sure!
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Mushoku Tensei

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Why is Norn the only normal person? What is wrong with that family?
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Shingeki no Kyojin

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Why didn’t Wit animate Historia’s Dykest moment?
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Evangelion 3.0+1.0

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I'll be honest /a/, after 3.0 I lost all hope for Shinji x Ritsuko. But when this album cover came out, I got my hopes up that this movie will finally be the one where this kino ship will actually sail. But now it turns out that it was just bait for all us Ritsukobros. Why would Anno do this to us? Why does he insist of hurting us Ritsuchads, /a/?
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One Piece

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Why was this never brought up again?
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Dagashi Kashi Appreciation Thread

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Old thread got iced...
Saya is very cute.
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Yu Yu Hakusho proves that you dont need good fights when you have an entertaining announcer
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Kumo Desu

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Baby Sophia is cute. CUTE!
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