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>Why does a lightsaber need a scabbard?
>How are humans able to breathe in space without protective suits?
>How is a lightsaber able to cleave through a ship?
>Why does a Star Destroyer that can destroy a planet exist when the Death Star already exists?
>Why couldn't the Empire cultivate an army of Force-sensitive inquisitors?
>Why does modern rock 'n roll exist in Star Wars?
>How does one turn a lightsaber into a microphone?
>Why does Japanese Kanji exist in Star Wars when Aurebesh is the established galactic language?
>How does one etch Japanese Kanji into the blade of a lightsaber?
>What are Meiji-era Japanese people doing in Star Wars?
>Why do lightsabers change color at will when it used to be more simple?
>How the fuck is a DROID able to use the force?
>The ability to bring people back to life existed before the Prequels? Anakin could've brought Padme back from the dead all along?
The Elder was the only one that felt the closest to traditional Star Wars. The rest felt like generic anime with the skin of Star Wars. Overall, mediocre-at-best anthology. The animators deserve better than to be attached to Disney Wars desu.
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one piece 1026 raws

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out and dumpin'
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Boku no Hero Academia

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Spoilers are out

It's a Deku bath chapter
Hori lurks these threads
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She's an alcoholic loser bitch.
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Looks like the new Iruma came out early today. Can someone dump the raws?
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Takkyuu Musume

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You have been practicing your forehand, right anon?
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{Sad News} Jujutsu Kaisen's sales continue to plummet, and fan reception keeps going downhill

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Kaguya Manga Discussion

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Ishimiko is canon
How do we can we ever stop winning mikobros
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for me? it's noi bringing a 50-mcnuggets pieces to the door
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