Cloud Stream

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So uh... he just jerked himself off about muh ideals for thousands of years?
Then he realized it was stupid and tried to kill himself?
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Yuko no Abyss

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This is Yuko Kurose
She is Reiji's mom
She is Esemori's ex
She may be dying this chapter
Say something nice about her
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Berserk Volume 26 Storytime

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Today, we get through the troll stuff.

Remember to use spoiler tags when discussing future story events, and to avoid posting images during the dump.
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Other than MHA, their works are pretty solid don't you think? So why are you keep jerking to MAPPA and KyoAni?


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New episode goes live in less than an hour
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Jump ToC out

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Sousou no Frieren

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New chapter today. Waiting for translation.
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Kengan omega RAWS

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Imgur chad here :
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Higurashi Gou/Sotsu

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Hanyuu and Rika a kiseki of the universe
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Super Cub

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This is going to be skipped, isn't it?
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