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Dragon Ball Super

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The movie has now been out for over a month.
What are your HONEST thoughts on Super Hero?
Did you like it or not?
Why did you like it/dislike it, and what would you have done to improve it?
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>they couldn't find their idea man in isekai
>thus they decided to raise one
Your opinion? Would you fall for your teachers and foster mothers if they groom you since childhood?
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Chainsaw Man

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Break week is over. GET IN HERE!
Chapter 102
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Chainsaw Man

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Why is there still no art of futa Yoru having sex with Asa? Also, new chapter in 15 hours
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Jashin-chan Dropkick

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Will we see season 4?
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One Piece

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Better antagonist than Kaido
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Tokyo Mew Mew New

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Now that the show is half over (excluding possible future seasons), is it generally agreed upon that the remake surpasses the original?
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Jahy-sama my beloved!
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A Couple of Cuckoos

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new chapter's raw will be out soon and there's still no thread
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