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Do you like alpha women?
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Is this really what lovers do? Is this a sign of true love?
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Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu

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What would you call this? Hinasuna? Dralichi?
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Ami is stylish and pretty
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Minus the gay shit, this is one of the best/most original animes i've ever watched. Fuck squealer.
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Why does he progressivly get dumber as the series goes on?
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Mushoku Tensei: Show, don't tell

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This is something I've always thought in the past but finally Bind has proven to me with MT's stellar adaptation that viewers cannot be trusted to understand what goes on in TV shows or movies if they're not spoonfed information. I've seen some anons post about how the preview at the beginning of the episode was an odd choice as it spoils what happens but it served a particular purpose. By showing the aftermath of the fight and Rudy getting donuted immediately it effectively allowed for Orsted's curse of fear to break the fourth wall and affect the viewers as well. The preview, combined with the anime only addition of the ox jumping off the cliff and the tense soundtrack resulted in plenty of viewers ironically and unhesitatingly calling Rudy a retard for opening his mouth instead of at least asking why he did what he did. In the novels it was easier to understand that Orsted was being nonthreatening and "friendly" to an extent but even in the anime an attentive viewer would be able to tell that he was actually being quite casual if you ignore the atmosphere that Bind built for the scene. He was simply exchanging information with Rudy and when he was about to approach him he complied immediately when Ruijerd yelled at him to stop. If Rudy didn't interact with Orsted he would've just been called a retard anyway for ignoring an obviously important character.

In addition I've also noticed that other details such as the scale of the world, the passage of time, the fact that Rudy needs to activate his Demon Eye for it to work, and the fact that Rudy can't use chantless healing magic flew by a bunch of viewers' heads as well. The next time I witness someone proclaim that writers and directors shouldn't underestimate their readers' or viewers' intelligence I'm gonna choke someone. Even for series like HxH and Jojo which explain everything there are a bunch of dumb speedreaders and speedwatchers.
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Is Sakura an interesting person? If you were stuck in a tiny pocket dimension with her, ala Monika in DDLC, would you enjoy listening to her talk all day?
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One Piece

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Shingeki no kyojin

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Reminder that 139 Eren is not cannon.
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